Annadel State Park is one of the largest and most well known mountain bike trail embed map of Annadel State Park mountain bike trails | annadel state park. Click here or on the map to download a PDF version to print. feet as you descend past spring-fed meadows on a well-graded trail to Annadel’s east side. Annadel State Park, located 60 miles north of San Francisco on the eastern edge of Santa Rosa, offers miles of trails for hiking, mountain Print/PDF Map.

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Rough-Go Trail – Rocky and technical single-track through open grasslands Cobblestone Trail maap Rocky sometimes technical single-track.

It’s useful to understand this web page, but please use the one in the park brochure above, as some trails have changed. This will take you to Buick Annaedl. Took annwdel 2 hours round trip with 3 Kids 13,12, Pull in and park. This trail will dead end into Cobblestone. Trail Ridden Direction Trailforks scans users ridelogs to determine the most popular direction each trail is ridden.

This abnadel used to be mined for Cobblestones. None – a few had hats and gloves to help with the cold. The second third of the trail is Redwood trees and the last part is pine giving way to oak. Drop off the first car at ParkTrail. Going left didn’t give us any views of Ilsanjo at all this time. Dec 31, 2: I hiked this trail with two other ladies. This trail is just down the street from my house. Keep to the right and you can park by the lake.


This was used to make arrow heads. Marsh to Ridge Cheater HIll. South Burma Annaddel – Moderately technical single-track through mixed forest and open meadows. Park for free by the dam, and take a trail to the top of the dam.

There is no parking available at the Shultd Rd. Steve’s trail will run into the Ridge trail. While Annadel is an intermediate rider’s dream, advanced riders will still have fun. Live Oak Trail – Technical, rocky single-track. View mobile version of this page.

This will take you to Lake Ilsanjo dam. Go left again to stay on Warren Richardson trail back to the parking lot. This will take you past Buick Meadow. Tour of the Burmas. Take this trail around Ledson marsh to Lawndale trail.

Take a right on Channel drive and park at the side of the road next to the Cobblestone Trailhead. Most of it is paved. Alternately, bring a cell-phone and call for a Taxi at the end of your hike to give you a ride back to your car. Take a right on Channel drive and follow it to the end. It might be fun to stop and point out each lake 1 min interruption as we go by it.

Lots of wildlife including flogs and deer.

Continue forward to annadek right on the the ridge trail. Walk to the southernmost point of the lake, then head south and slightly uphill along a gravel path to Annadel. We have two options. Dogs are not allowed on trails.


After this the true forest begins.

Best Trails in Annadel State Park

Rocky paths, not many people out there, occasional mountain bikers. Santa Rosa Best For: Cobblestone trail is very rocky.

At this writing the trail is open an cleared but there is a great deal of evidence of the Anjadel wildfires.

Annadel State Park is one of the largest and most well known mountain bike trail networks in Northern California. Also, it would add about 10 minutes to go right from rough go, cross the Ilsanjo dam, and loop back to the gazebo. Dec 29, 2: We all enjoyed being outside, and most of us were lost in conversation as we went by each lake. Remaining work to do for this web page: There are not a lot of steep climbs.

Nice heat under the sun but not sweltering.

Annadel (Suggestion 1) – Bay Area Mountain Bike Rides

Turn right on Mission Blvd, then left on Montgomery Drive. Ma; you hit the Marsh Trail go southeast to the Lawndale trail. Black bass weighing nine pounds and more have been caught here.