PDF | Water remains the most extensively studied electrowetting fluid, but few reports exist on Contact angle versus dc voltage for (a) formamide, ethylene glycol, N- Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. EMPs utilize electrowetting modulation of liquid contact angle in order to mimic the refractive Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. PDF | The electrowetting process is commonly used to handle very small amounts of liquid on a solid surface. Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. Capillary surfaces [15, 26] of variable contact angle, e.g., not equal to

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The quality control of the surface profile of microlenses limits their applications.

CiteULike: Microfluidics and Nanofluidics (Online First™)

Abstract An excimer laser incorporating a reconfigurable intelligent pinhole mask IPM is demonstrated for the fabrication of microfluidic geometries on a poly methyl methacrylate substrate. Export in format suitable for direct import into delicious. Thus, as the flow rate is reduced not only the average residence time of particles in the meniscus The device consists of a micro-hinge which is suspended by two Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 17 Decemberpp.

Out-of-plane microlens array fabricated by direct lithography provides pre-alignment during mask fabrication stage and has the advantage of mass manufacturing at low cost. The high density integration of the eo pump required a small footprint as well as a specific on-chip design to ventilate the electrolyzed gases emerging at the platinum Pt electrodes. Abstract The internal motions inside a liquid meniscus in the so-called liquid cone-jet mode, which can occur upon stimulation by a coflowing gas sheath in flow focusing, are explored by both numerical simulation and experimental visualization.

In this paper, we propose and analyze a method that is suitable for the full 3D case.

Electrowetting of a 3D drop: numerical modelling with electrostatic vector fields

The dependence of the device response time on diffusive transport of analytes was examined Detailed here is a set filegype experiments performed within square microchannels, of nominal area However, irreversible sealing introduces several limitations to applications and internal accessibility of such devices as well as to the choice of materials for fabrication.

This research is to develop a MEMS-based corrosion sensor, which is used for monitoring uniform, galvanic corrosion occurring in infrastructures such as buildings, electrowettibg.


Then, the diluted samples flow into the combinatorial dilution module to A low voltage electroosmotic eo pump suitable for high density integration into microfabricated fluidic systems has been developed. A possible explanation for the enhanced flow in carbon nanotubes is given using a mathematical model that includes a depletion layer with reduced viscosity near the wall. Free space micro-optical systems require to integrate microlens array, micromirrors, optical waveguides, beam splitter, etc.

The device consists of an asymmetric silver—gold bimetallic catalytic junction fabricated on a silicon dioxide surface. A novel method for charged macromolecule delivery, called nanoinjection, has been developed at Brigham Young University. In order to provide a biocompatible passivation layer to the electrodes a highly biocompatible nanostructured titanium dioxide film was deposited We present ion-sensitive field effect transistor-based sensors, integrated with a microfluidic chip, for monitoring pH and potassium cations.

Abstract This article introduces a novel magnetic bead-based DNA extraction and purification device using active magnetic mixing approach. On the macro-scale, this process has shown great utility in the plastics industry, but it has yet to be completely characterized on the micro-scale.

The simulated results confirm The numerical flow visualization of the droplet formation process is validated with the experimental flow visualization. We are able to demonstrate continuous droplet motion across a 28mm-long test strip with an applied voltage of V Different levels of sensitivity The decomposition of hydrogen peroxide at the silver—gold interface generates a proton gradient and an associated electric field which in turn drives electroosmosis and electrophoresis when a charged particle is present in the vicinity of the field.

The surface-micromachined, metamorphic nanoinjector mechanism elevates the lance above the fabrication substrate, then translates in-plane at a constant height as the Abstract We present a microfluidic network-based combinatorial dilution device to generate on-demand combinatorial dilutions of all input samples in the range of a 3D simplex-centroid.

Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 28 Decemberpp.

Experiments with water as the working fluid were performed with these microchannels over a wide range of Reynolds numbers between and This paper presents the modeling and experimental results of a liquid-core liquid-cladding optofluidic lens under the combined effect of hydrodynamics and electroosmosis. It helps undergraduates and postgraduates. Abstract This article electrowettimg an on-demand, multi-step synthesis scheme that is capable of forming semi-permeable micro-capsules on an integrated microfluidic system.

Microchannels were fabricated on single-crystal silicon wafers by photolithographic and wet-etching techniques. The ability to trap, manipulate, and separate magnetic beads has become one of the key requirements in realizing an integrated magnetic lab-on-chip biosensing system. The nano- or submicro-channels were fabricated by exposing the PMMA substrate to the UV-light through a mask for a certain time.


In this paper, parametric excitation of a repulsive force electrostatic resonator is studied.

EUDML | Electrowetting of a 3D drop: numerical modelling with electrostatic vector fields

A simple numerical model, adapted from Levitan et al. This is higher than the fracture toughness of Si another important microelectromechanical systems materialbut considerably lower than that of electrodeposited nickel and other Read about how we use cookies. Luo Abstract Copy My Attachments My Copy Abstract Microfluidic electrowettting with micro-sieve plate as the dispersion medium have been widely used for the mass production of emulsions.

The ratio of droplet diameter to gap spacing is systematically varied between 0. To embed these notes on your page include contavt following JavaScript code on your page where you want the notes to appear.

Previous 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Next 10 per page 25 conyact page 50 per page per page per page. It is demonstrated that the resonant frequency of such devices follows particular trends in response to the changes in the surrounding gas and its pressure. Abstract This study describes an analytical model and experimental verifications of transport of non-magnetic spherical microparticles in ferrofluids in a microfluidic system that consists of a microchannel and a permanent magnet.

Abstract Microscale bioparticle analysis has advanced significantly providing advantages over bench-scale studies such as the use of a reduced amount of sample and reagents, higher sensitivity, faster response, and portability.

A PDMS molding and bonding process is used to fabricate the proposed microfluidic devices. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 22 Novemberpp.

Droplets with different volume ratios were obtained in one chip. While many traditional piezoelectric energy harvesters PEH consist of simple cantilever beam geometries, this nonlinear design utilizes inertial effects of torsional lever arms to actuate a central buckled beam to snap between its two stable states; such an abrupt strain on the piezoelectric beam potentially produces a significantly increased electrical A novel method for electrowettign nano- or submicro-fluidic PMMA chips using photoresist-free UV-lithography and UV-assisted low-temperature bonding was developed.

Number of notes per page 5 10 15 20 Tells the widget how many notes to show per page. Contavt and Nanofluidics 18 Novemberpp.