Ángel de medianoche. Front Cover. Lisa Kleypas. Zeta Bolsillo, – Love stories – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Ángel de medianoche. Ángel de medianoche by Lisa Kleypas at – ISBN – ISBN – B de Bolsillo (Ediciones B) – – Softcover. Ángel de medianoche. Lisa Kleypas. Published by Ediciones B (). ISBN ISBN Used Hardcover Quantity Available: 1.

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Jun 25, Maria Sol rated it really liked it. Even when he knows she loves him he still acts like a jealous fool toward the end of the story making it drag even more.

Tuya a medianoche

Although this book had an interesting base plot, with the heroine, Tasia, faking her own death to escape execution for murder, the romance just didn’t work. These are all aspects that we mediancohe come out as the book progresses.

I also liked the way that he was chasing and pushing Amelia until she became his!!!

But you gotta love a spinster heroine who dutifully objects to a spectacular man, whose uncivilized urges have always lurked a bit too close to his surface. Cam, the gypsy hero, just smolders though. With the entry of Amelia into his life, however, he can’t help but begin to fall for the beautiful woman.

He doesn’t know the first thing about Russia and therefore can’t fix things angdl a few well-placed bribes. I just fall ileypas fall hard. But then, we can always go down this road When Cam and Amelia met each other, everything changed for both of them.


I read Stokhurust 2 Niki’s book 1st.

And she seems genuinely afraid of him most of the time. Haha Midnight Angel is a bit of a cross between the Anastasia story and Jane Eyre with a little extra.

The best thing about this book was Emma. Then Luke cruelly and deliberately decides to make a spectacle of Tasia in front of a whole house full of party guests, even though he knows the whole reason for her staying with him was dde she could lias in anonymity.

Ángel de Medianoche (The Stokehursts, #1) by Lisa Kleypas (5 star ratings)

I liked the hook hand. My first taste of Lisa Kleypas and I loved it. So it’s hardly a surprise when Tasia gets snatched from a store and whisked off to Russia. View all 96 comments.

As wit Lisa Kleypas has done it again! The Stokehursts 2 books. Tasia starts out as this quiet, reserved girl who has a great deal of faith. Another Gypsy men and the “sickly” sister I also found the hero and heroine together to be a bit too aggressive and angsty, arguing a angek too much and having too many anger-turned-to-passion moments for my taste.

Luke, oh wow you fantastic delicious one-handed man. Cam always seems to be at the right place at the right time and seems to help the Amelia and the Hathaway family often.

I understood that he was in so much pain over losing Laura, but the things he did, the way he was reckless made me want to shake him and yell snap the hell out of it.


The characters are well developed and klepyas. Got distracted by real life boys so this one took a while to read. The romance between Luke and Tasia was perfect, just the right amount of steamy and emotional intimacy that I adore. He was enigmatic, mysterious, unpredictable and incredibly sexy. I can’t put down. I mediwnoche suggest reading The Wallflowers series first.

View all 4 comments. He waves this away and promises that now he’ll protect her for realsies and they just sort of accept it. She knows that Mishas brother will come looking for her and he wants mmedianoche.

Tuya a medianoche (Los Hathaway, #1) by Lisa Kleypas (4 star ratings)

The biggest flaw though is that it really lacked the medixnoche depth of love and emotion that I have found in most of Ms. And Luke was a violent psycho at some parts.

I, also, loved Luke’s daughter, Emma. And, for the record, it was pretty squicky that the sequel Kleypas was setting up involved a man in his mid-twenties lusting after a twelve-year-old girl who’d only just gotten her first period.

Sep 11, Beatriz rated it really liked it. I wish a Russian prince would give me a tiger cub. Also, it’s probably unnecessary to summarize the plot here, for there won’t be any surprises. Pelayan nya kok cuma ? So, all in all, it just wasn’t a very good book.