Vilko Valanda [Andrius Tapinas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kas būtų buvę, jeigu XX a. pradžioje Vilnius būtų ištrūkęs iš Rusijos. vedėjas Andrius tapinas Vasario ąją pristatė debiutinį fantastikos romaną „ Vilko. Andrius Tapinas · @AndriusTapinas. TV anchor. founder of “Liberty TV” and author of science fiction poker player and crazy.

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May 16, Caro the L. It’s very easy to read and like, and you definitely want more.

Hour of the Wolf by Andrius B. Tapinas

Feb 07, Sad Sunday If I say it’s bad, it’s bad rated it it was amazing. The main character is former US Marine Antanas Sidabras, legate of the Free City of Vilnius, whose investigation of, at first look, just another murder turns out to be a complex web of political intrigue, and he has everybody against him — mad doctors, corrupt officials, Russian agents and monsters from his personal valahda.

Well, the thing is, I do not know Lithuanian. The powerful family of bankers, the Rothchildshas created the Alliance of Free Cities, where alchemists pilot steampunk airships over great cities, hard working mechanics create automatons and deep in the dungeons secret societies of macabre wizards strive to create artificial intelligence.

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I was born and still live in the ancient city of Vilnius though I andriius longer walk in the abandoned cemeteries after dark. View all 8 comments. I want to be immersed in the action, not constantly flailing around trying to get a meaning, or just simply shaking my head. The novel was swiftly translated to English and was released on Amazon as e-book on September 3, Hardcover Lithuanian E-book English.

While reading it, I occasionally wished I lived there and then, hoping I would meet some of the characters. Filko valanda is a steampunk novel written by Andrius Tapinas.

This is more like grading the English works of Lithuanian junior high students. Alma Littera hardcover Self-publishing e-book. I really liked the characters and the alternate world was believable.

Apr 01, Notme rated it liked it.

Vilko valanda

Lithuanian-made video game valandx more than one million views”. Hour of the Wolf Lithuanian: Aug 04, Chuck Gass rated it really liked it. Lithuanian hardcover English e-book. All in all, the book is worth checking out. They could have been diven a little deeper with more twists while inducing some sense of unexpectedness in the story.

Vilko valanda – Vikipedija

The context is just such that “my dear” throws you out and there you go again – your concentration is broken and the flow interrupted. It’s vivid, moving, changing. Some of my favorite things: This page was last edited vvilko 18 Decemberat View all 10 comments.


Hour of the Wolf Cover of the Kindle edition. I hate being jerked out of the flow by “WHA? But a gruesome murder at an abandoned cemetery leaves him at a loss. The properly maintained intrigue is the best part of the book.

I like steampunk, I am from a Slavic country, what’s not to love? Plius minus dvi naktis. Once you gave them a sweetie. But it’s not empty – characters stay in your head, action is fast and unexpected twists happen. Return to Book Page. Not even a little bit. Her automatons are more than mere toys.

Hour of the Wolf

Net bombos krenta ne ant Vilniaus, o ant carinio Novovileisko. And it’s also very lively – you can almost feel the smells as you read. I find that very impressing. Steam and Stone Saga 1.

Na, nuo Liepos laukiau Viena Emilija, kita Mila.