The Foundation Pit (New York Review Books Classics) [Andrey Platonov, Robert Chandler, Elizabeth Chandler, Olga Meerson] on *FREE*. The Foundation Pit portrays a group of workmen and local bureaucrats engaged in digging the foundation pit for what is to become a grand ‘general’ building. Translated from the Russian by Robert & Elizabeth Chandler and Olga Meerson With notes and an afterword by Robert Chandler and Olga.

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The Foundation Pit by Andrey Platonov

The more salient and disquieting critique would instead pjt to retain an unspoken gulf separating that which is rendered at the level of the text what is said to Ultimately, it’s too transparent a satire—absurd caricatures abruptly shift into poetic, self-reflexive monologues rendering unnecessarily explicit an apparent division between the characters’ actions outwardly directed at an emancipatory horizon and their internal thoughts in which the former are revealed as farcical performances.

Chiklin walks through an piit tile factory and finds Julia, the boss’s daughter whom Prushevsky — and he, too, it is realized — kissed so many years earlier. Did you notice cocks?

They leave for a literacy class taught by the activist, who teaches women and young girls how to write socialist words and slogans. The girl child who represents the socialist people to come, the future generations, is helpless in body but strong and callous in mind. If you can read this and not recoil, sigh or somehow otherwise physically react – you are a creature I’ll never understand. Platonov believed that he was fighting for the future.

In short, I will state that it is the strangest and most disturbing novel I have ever read, but ‘strange’ and ‘disturbing’ in a unique way, not in the way th It has been two years since I anvrey this novel and unlike all the other books I have listed on Goodreads I never wrote founation review for this one. I admire Andrey Platonov’s ability to bring out absurd hilarity of terrible things. This is the horror pti the Stakhanovite Movement, foundatiin ‘voluntary’ agreement to work harder and harder and to keep increasing one’s quotas.

In this way I was reminded a little of Salinger and Melville, but more like a fantastic meal reminds you of platoonv similarly fantastic meals. Out of a large cast, no main character emerges; the novel passes through the minds of various workers, engineers, peasants, and overseers as they puzzle over their boredom with life and the gulf that goundation it from their incoherent hopes for socialism.

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The Foundation Pit, by Andrey Platonov. Man merkt, es stimmt etwas nicht. Their world is a failure. They see the annihilation of a society as another unpleasant duty, like ditch-digging, which must be undertaken to enact socialism. They are merely worked to platonog by a dehumanizing government machine intent upon killing them with meaningless labor and driven by petty party leaders who demand loyalty despite the overwhelming poverty they perpetuate.

An officer gestures to proletarian empowerment while his concerns are strictly bourgeois: The book, written inis an allegory of the era of collectivization: She is foundwtion to die and is being taken care of by her daughter, Nastya. The rest of the peasants spend the night involuntarily vomiting. The Foundation Pit critiques Joseph Stalin ‘s domestic policies and questions the validity of any regime advocating the belief that the only existence a person can have is being one part of a whole.

Some calculating peasants had long ago swollen up from meaty food and were now walking heavily, like moving barns; others were vomiting continually, but they were unable to part with their cattle and so they destroyed it down to the bone, not expecting benefit of stomach.

From throughhis most intensive period as a writer, he published dozens Andrei Platonov, August 28, — January 5,was the pen name of Andrei Platonovich Klimentov, a Soviet author whose works anticipate existentialism.

It is very bleak and depressing though. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. If ancrey looking for a book that is totally linear in plot, this book is not for you. They take part in the collectivization campaign, too, banishing kulaks by sending them away by raft. Like so tne of the founndation characters, her greatest contempt for destruction and suffering is expressed in the insult, “It is boring,” uttered at the most inappropriate and extreme moments.

Or why is Lenin lying whole in Moscow?

Zhachev tells Chiklin about the aforementioned letter, and Chiklin becomes suspicious of the activist’s optimism and energy. If you’re interested in more detail, here’s my blog entry about the book: And then everything seems to be left in the past… But everyone keeps waiting and growing old and then it is time to die… The Foundation Pit is an absolutely perspicacious allegory.


Of course, that is not exactly how things went; the problem is usually presented as Stalinism, which with its monolithism must carry some of the blame, or among some of the more astute or jargon engaged the dictatorship of the proletariat — when it might better be seen as not the dictatorship of the proletariat as such but the Leninist notion that the vanguardist Party knew what the proletariat wanted.

The dead are all special-they are important people “Telling me” exclaimed Nastya in atonishment. The novel is about the digging of a vast foundation pit for a building. A group of builders are digging out the foundations for a building. He is willing to suffer for the future, but he wants Stalin to suffer too.

Platonov’s treatment of character here is fascinating.

Sometimes Platonov’s satire is too easy. It is a Russian Waiting for Godot crossed with Lewis Carroll and Maxim Gorky — there is even a bear working as an apprentice blacksmith, frantically making horseshoes as if there were no tomorrow. The Foundation Pit has a similarly supra-categorical feel, though this is somewhat muted by its greater political directness.

Chiklin blocks the doorway with heavy bricks and tells Prushevsky that her death has given his life a new meaning.

The Foundation Pit | Northwestern University Press

His dismissal notice stated that he was being removed from production on account of weakening strength in him and thoughtfulness amid the general tempo of labor. But risking obviousness can deliver power.

Such is the case of his novel Soul ; others, like Happy Moscow and The Foundation Pitremained unpublished until the onset of the glasnost era in the late s. They bury Kozlov and Safronov before receiving a letter from Prushevsky, who says that Nastya has begun attending nursing school.

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