Marina, published in , is a 2,line poem by Andrej Sladkovic. He loved Maria Pischlova, but her parents made her marry a gingerbread. Marina [Andrej Sladkovic] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. : List of andrej sladkovic marina pdf book. Download the andrej sladkovic marina pdf book in PDF file format for free at

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You, yound Slovakia, my birthplace and also the barrow grave of my bones! High above you, into the lights of lights, laws of lightningsand above the dead curtain of the nature the eye of my soul has flown! Andreu the beauty of a star be begged by a weak murmur of earthly voice on the desert of the world? Submit a World Record.

But stand in front of her in her own chastityand out of this graceful pride the more beautiful humility will flourish. Sweet desires, desires for love I’m singing, with beauty enthusedand within this response of my very soul The whole world of mine is enclosed ; From the marona of the Tatras, she casts the lightShe flies out of the heavenly firesShe has been moving my worlds ; She’s been waving towards me from hundreds of lives: Yet I find your anger unnecessarywhat are the eternal hours for?

In the shape of a giant. But thens she shouts for her hopeand on her lips, the safe dawn of peace is smiling: But like the pebbles in the rushing waters of Hronthe secret of my lover will be revealed to sincere souls.

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And then I take off to my tiny flight towards the worlds of the lily breastsupon their valleys I shall rest and I want to be looking at the crystalsthat sadkovic remained in the golden flashes up in the heights of the starry eyes. Do they perhaps envy the long ones that they see lying around the most beautiful surroundings of the body? Do not sing about praising the andej. And the right hand speaks swiftly: Suddenly, the spirit of hope emerges in the angelic light of your body — and the beasts stopped threatening.


She, when the fate whips her strictlyshe will lean on me with her tiny heartsilently wiping off her tears.

Love has created heaven on Earth tied us with a bond forevera bond that cannot be torn: The blooming willow trees breathe. And the heart goes again: But why am I calling, abandoned under the alders along the Hron? And you, hymns, with high heart do you value your images after all? No, the power of love won’t make way to the flattering hopes of the world No, not even if the earth hid inside an abyss, it wouldn’t turn our world of love upside down: Truth is what stands in my wordsthe faithful ones always share the truth: Poor doves, how silly they love each other!

So adorable are you, when your mighty emotion bursts into holy flameleading great-hearted strifes.

And again, when the Moon flies up, so pale, then remind yourself of the bank of Hronremember, my dear! Upon the lovely, full crimsons of that mouth the youth of my fatherland has sat downthe whiteness of innocence upon the teeth: The world robs you off your rich flashes of your higher fameand in the dust of its dark robe it will tread down your heavenly feel!

Embrace the picture of my Marina with love for sacred reliquia ; He, who’s been singing the history of beautywas not caught by the rosemaries of Ladahe loves the beauty of the Universes. How could a beautiful sight not be enchanted by the row of ivory bones underneath the lip? That our voice is week, we do admitbut poor us, what shall we do?

In the heavenly shades, the morning stars?

Man, do not be mistaken! The desire of withering roses? Sladovic those heights, let us look down to the low turmoilthat rules throughout the life, to the grave from the cradlewith his Satanic hand: You hear a nightingale sighing the very sorrows of his tones: Why would a traitor need wings of freedom?

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But tell me, does lightning not beg the morning star the deathly pale on the cheek of a rose with a tear of love? Red leg pets the other in the pairmouth sweetens another mouththe snowy wings are joking: The joy of looking into your eyeswhen they radiate with ethereal joyforever, with sweet enthusiasm. Over young forehead, there thunder and vanish the shades of flying fates, And pains are biting young emotionshopes turn into delusions: Have sladkovlc heard the silent sighs of a bird?

No, no evil had done me any harmWhen I have you, my dear!

My face was praising this beingmy hand moved to open the book. There, in front of the largest sacred tablewith her eye, flying to the heavenly polesthere kneels the enthused maid and on her forehead, rainbow of holiness — Is she praying? Do you dream the eternal dream of youth? He cannot capture or harm her virtue: How sweet it is for me to feel your embrace.

Cherish me into sleep, you wild night! I shall tear open the heavy buckles of goldand a bunch of nice Raphaelian paintings is revealed in front of my eyes! Anger often serves the wicked revengeAnger disarms envy with its swordAnger torments also passionate soulsAnger can stay with a criminal: But he was not like the evil spirit usually ishe had a power sladdkovic something nice: