I’m a bit of an Ampeg fan although at the moment a bit money tight and I’m thinking about getting one off ebay. From what I’ve read they sound. Up for sale is this Ampeg B1Re bass head + Ampeg Bhe cab. The listing is for the entire half stack. Amp is working perfectly, just need to get rid of it to. I came across what seems to be a great deal on an Ampeg B1RE, I won’t have a chance to play it before I buy however (it’s a musicians friend.

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How do you rate this product? Merchandise and packaging MUST be in the same condition as when b1rr. Skip the Ampeg and go with what I just posted, even though I really want it New merchandise carries the original warranty issued by the manufacturer.

Ampeg USA B1RE 300 Watt Bass Head

Join the HC Newsletter. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. Find a decent used and you’ll be game. Heads to look into: For a limited time. Write Your Own Review: You have no items in your shopping b1r. I have a Schecter Custom 5.


Ampeg B1RE watt Head? | Harmony Central

There are no warranties for the following items: More Ways to Pay. Pair it with a ? I’ve been playing bass for about a year smpeg, just through my studio monitors.

If none of these are available, you can get some Avatars for cheap.

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Ampeg B1RE 300watt Head?

If the customer’s order included free shipping, the customer will wmpeg refunded order amount, less Alto Music’s original shipping cost. Our pros are available 7 days a week and are always happy to help! I play mostly rock and metal. View the Media Kit. For pure volume, the cab is what makes or breaks it if you ask me, not the head.

They will be infinitely superior to any combo or rig you buy retail. If a specific listing of ours does not include the “make an offer” button, we are then currently not accepting anything less than the BIN price for that particular item.

Help FAQs Go to top. My honest recommendation would be that head, and to get one of the s probably an 8 ohm and if you needed more volume later, add another 8 ohm.


It’s watts at 4 ohms, which I’d assume would be just about right for me, able to play some small to medium gigs, and use the direct out to the PA at larger gigs. You’d kill small animals. For more information, go to www. My Account Login or Register. This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

I see ampeh in bass world, especially for 5-strings, watts is what I should be looking for. Previous 1 2 Next. Naturally, I’ve been looking at used stuff. Cabs to look into: A high quality head rated at watts can in many cases blow the face off some other head rated watts.

Pass on that head.