Om Sri Ganeshaya Namaha Dear Ganapathiji, Could you please tell us more about the Amnaya Stotram and Tripura Sundari sthawarajam. One of the frequently asked questions is – which among the several AmnAya mantras does a shrIvidyopAsaka recite every day? AmnAya. I will post the summary, as I did for the dvAraka maTha, for the other three AmnAya maTha-s. May be scholars like shrI Charles Wikner*, can.

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I have put in some of the thoughts that occurred to me on the perusal of the stotarm works read by me. This press also published a small booklet containing the Jagadguru – paramparastotra and the Mathamnaya.

Amnaya Stotram Wth Guidance – [PDF Document]

Stptram work, Sivarahasyaan Itihasa comprising more than fifty thousand verses published in Kannada script with Kannada translation as Maharaja Jayachamarajendra Granthamala Series, Volume 21, No. The Tirthankathe Annual member of Kalyan of Gorakhpur, refers at page to Mahuripuri as Mahuragadha anaya as containing the shrine of Dattatreya. The only conclusion that can be drawn from what is stated above is either that the two SankaravijayasMadhaviya and Chidvilasiya, did not exist at the time of the composition of the Guruvamsa – kavyaor that the authorities of the matha on the banks of the Tunga were not aware of the existence of the above two works, while directing the composition of the Guruvamsa – kavya.

The devata of the Stotrsm and the Eastern regions are respectively Badrinath and Jagannath and that of the Western region is Siddhesvara. Kanchi is not only the centre of Dakshinamnaya by being the seat of Sri Kamakshithe Amnaya – saktiit is also the central point of the earth according to the works, Kanchi – mahatmyaKamakshivilasa and Merutantra. It is requested that scholars who happen to read this may excuse me for any lapses and help me with their suggestions, if any.


Lalitha Sahasranama Parayana or do the Archana. Here the reference is to the konahs angles of Sri Chakra which is said to be the seat of Para – vidya.

The same verse appears in the copy of Sivarahasya stktram from some other libraries as well as in the commentary to verse of the last Chapter of Madhaviya – Sankaravijaya. anmaya

The commentary says at the end of the chapter: But there are two verses in sarga 15 of that work from which stotrma may infer a reference to Sri Kamakshi.

Further, the work entitled Throne of Transcendental Wisdom says that Sri Sankara established four mathas in the cardinal points of the country. The Kanchimahatmya and the Kamakshivilasa already mentioned, refer to Kanchi as the nabhi navel or kanchi girdle of Mother Earth.

That is why people pay homage to both these institutions, and would, sottram the grace of the all-pervading Mother, continue to do so. Besides this there are also sculptures of Sri Sankara in various postures in the Utsava – Kamakshi and Bangaru – Kamakshi sannidhies in the temple. Thank you for your patience. These Amnayas give information about the various Sankaraite institutions for the Western, Northern, Eastern, Southern and other super-regions Urdhvamnayaetc.

Chandramaulisvara – Kamakshi is the sakti Sivasakti of Paramesvara. They are in the centre of the country.

It deals with the mantras of the AmnAyas of shrIvidyA. There is yet another temple in Kanchi called Airavatisvara temple belonging to the Pallava period wherein we find in a niche in a wall Sri Vyasa. Near it is an ekadanda – sannyasi – murti with a shaven head. When these two are engaged in disputation, what can I a servant do?

The figure represents stotrzm boyhood. The Guruparampara of the bharatiya – sampradaya of the institution on the banks of the Tungabhadra included as No.


AmnAya stotram.h – dvAraka maTha

Sri Padmapada then exclaimed: Monier Williams in his Sanskrit – English Dictionary referring to the Anandagiri – Sankaravijaya says that it is a biography of Sri Sankara recording his controversial victories over numerous heretics. As you are aware that every Devi Upasaka’s minimum spiritual routine consists of apart from his nithya karmas and manthra japa — Chanting of the following everyday 1.

In that Puja – krama it is said that a copy of the Anandagiri – Sankaravijaya in the Ramataraka MuttVaranasi, said to have been stoyram in Sakai.

From this it occurred to me that Sri Mukakavi while writing this verse had before him the inseparable connection between Sri Kamakshi and the Advaita philosophy of Sri Sankara which is the quintessence of the Vedas, i.

Both are in ” Rudra Yamala Tantra “. Although he mentions Kashmir as the place of final resort of Sri Sankaracharyahe declares in the preface to his work that he follows the Madhaviya – Sankaravijayawhich on the other hand mentions Kedarnath as the place of final resort. But the present popular Sringeri also bearing the same epithet is not on the banks of the Tungabhadra but is on the banks of the Tunga.

But when referring to Madhaviya – Sankaravijayahe says that it is a fanciful account of the controversial exploits of Sri Sankaracharya. Explanation of the dhyana sloka – This refers to one’s own guru shrinAthaparama guru and parameshthi guru.

I am fortunate in belonging to the parampara of Upanishad Brahmacommentator of the Hundred and eight Upanishads published in seven volumes by the Adyar Library, Madras. The figure with jataetc. It is highly subtle and not revealed easily to a Sadhaka.