An ameloblastic fibroma is a fibroma of the ameloblastic tissue, that is, an odontogenic tumor arising from the enamel organ or dental lamina. It may be either. Ameloblastic fibroma, is a mixed odontogenic tumor, which commonly affects young children under the age of 20 years, with the mandibular premolar-molar. ameloblastic fibroma in a 9-year-old boy has been presented along with a review of the literature. The tumor responded to conservative surgical treatment.

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Ameloblastic fibroma AF is an uncommon benign odontogenic tumour, with both epithelial and mesenchymal neoplastic proliferation. View at Google Scholar C. Ameloblastic fibroma, jaw tumors, Ki, odontogenic tumors. A stage in the development of a hamartomatous odontoma or a true neoplasm? Review of amelblastic literature and presentation of new cases of odontomas.

Although it is rare, malignant transformation may occur, mainly in recurrent tumors 78.

Case Reports in Pediatrics

Footnotes Source of Support: The opinions and assertions expressed herein are those of the author and are not to be construed as official or representing the views of the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense. Journal List Head Neck Pathol v. No atypia was observed. Microscopically, hematoxylin and eosin sections showed islands and strands of epithelial cells in a loose connective tissue stroma resembling primitive dental papilla [ Figure 1 ].

View at Google Scholar S. View at Google Scholar Y.


Ameloblastic fibroma

The palatal bone also showed thickening with irregular surface Figure 3. Diagnosis Histological evaluation revealed multiple fragments of richly cellular mesenchymal tissue containing round drop-like islands and long narrow anastomosing cords of odontogenic epithelium.

Introduction Ameloblastic fibromas AFs are a rare variety of benign odontogenic tumors composed of proliferating odontogenic epithelium embedded in a cellular ectomesenchymal tissue resembling dental papilla [ 1 ]. Case Reports in Pediatrics. Because lesions are frequently associated with unerupted teeth they may initially be interpreted as dentigerous cysts [ 134amelobllastic ].

Ameloblastic fibroma

Although few cases have been reported, the majority of studies indicate a slight predilection for the male gender 2 – firoma. Because of AF is often associated with non-erupted teeth, it may initially be interpreted as a dentigerous cyst 12.

Small cell carcinoma Combined small cell carcinoma Verrucous carcinoma Squamous cell carcinoma Basal cell carcinoma Transitional cell carcinoma Inverted papilloma. These findings underscore the need ffibroma a complete excision of the tumor as well as long-term clinical and radiographic follow up, with special attention given to cases of recurrences, which have a greater risk of malignant transformation 4. Mixed odontogenic tumors and odontomas: The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper.

A 2-year-old female child patient visited the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery with a complaint of diffuse swelling in the right mid face since one year. Malignant transformation of ameloblastic fibroma to ameloblastic fibrosarcoma: Although rare, AF should be also considered in the differential diagnosis of mixed radiographic images of the jaws in young patients.


Recently, an extensive review reported a recurrence rate of Thin septa were observed within lesion. The lesion was enucleated and sent for histopathological examination. Inferiorly, the lesion was extending till the mandibular canal. In recent times, it has been proposed that two variants of AF exist, namely, a neoplastic type with no inductive phenomenon and a hamartomatous type revealing inductive capabilities [ 21 ].

Microscopically, the lesion showed proliferation of strands of ameloblastic epithelial cells within a moderately cellular connective tissue stroma that closely simulates the dental papilla. Radiographically, AF appears as a well-defined, unilocular or multilocular radiolucent lesion, with sclerotic radiopaque margins 34. However, most of the cases of AFs are encountered as an incidental finding [ 910 ] reiterating their radiographic significance in the differential diagnosis with entities such as dentigerous cyst, ameloblastoma, odontogenic keratocyst, and ameloblastic fibrosarcoma [ 1112 ].

Ameloblastic fibroma in six-year-old male: Panoramic radiograph showed a unilocular radiolucent area with well-defined borders, involving the posterior aspect of the right mandible.

Braz Dent J ; The amount and density of the epithelial component may vary from region to region within the same tumor.

The surgical specimen was fixed in formalin and sent for histopathological analysis, which revealed an odontogenic tumor formed by islands of epithelial cells, with the columnar peripheral cells showing nucleus in inverted polarization.

Diagnostic Imaging of Jaws.