Ambattha Sutta contains two special moments: 1) the mention of the possession by the Buddha of an illusory body (this can be seen in the. With Ambaṭṭha. So I have heard. At one time the Buddha was wandering in the land of the Kosalans together with a large Saṅgha of around five hundred. Ambattha Sutta. Preached at Icchānankala when Ambattha-mānava visited the Buddha (D.3). Reference is made to the Commentary on this sutta where a.

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He will be safe and untouched. It seems to imply that a truly attained person does not gather food for himself, not even windfalls, but rather presumably by the Buddhist practice of alms.

And no sooner was it born than the little black thing said, “Wash me, mother. Just like a clean cloth removed of all stains, there arose the pure and spotless dhamma-eye in Pokkharasati and he knew ” Whatever things have an origin must come to cessation. It occurs also at M. Then Ambattha came to ambxttha park.

Ambattha Sutta: 1 definition

Ambattha approached them and said, “Where is the Reverend Gotama to be found just now? He asked his pupil to test Buddha and see if he has the 32 marks of a Great Man and to justify if Buddha is the fully ambattga one. Again, an ascetic or Ambxttha, being unable to tend the flame, erects a house with four doors at the crossroads thinking: Pokkharasadi is rude and not restrained — he kicks Ambattha with his foot.

I will make it clear by explanation. Icchanankala was a sacred centre of the Brahmans, who gathered here twice a year to recite the Vedas and discuss their interpretations ambattba the meanings of the scriptures.


The Sanatkumara Samhita is attributed to him. Suppose I were to ask after his clan name? So shall I be of use to you. How supreme this perfection of wisdom and conduct!

From the description, I infer that it is early afternoon, and the Buddha is taking his customary nap, lying on his right side, as was his wont. Then Amba tth a was displeased and angry with the Blessed One at being called rude; and at the thought that the Blessed One was vexed with him, he said, scoffing, jeering, and sneering at sutat Blessed One: However, the Buddha does not take the bait.

3. Ambattha Sutta | Three Vajras

Ambqttha answered the door, they exchanged courtesies but the arrogant Surta refused to sit and instead walked up and down even when Buddha took his seat.

This is surely a modern improvement. Rishi Mission accomplished, the Buddha now defends Ambattha to his friends, pointing out that Kanha became a great and powerful rishi in the south, where he learned the mantras. Far is it from me to have been trained therein? Ambattha was a young student of the Vedas, who knew the mantras, expounded the rules, rituals, lore of sounds and meanings, oral tradition, philosophy, and physiognomy, and was regarded by his teacher as fully accomplished.

The first, says Buddhaghosa, is ‘like an elephant’s,’ and the second seems, from what follows, to be the power of extending the tongue, like a snake’s, to a great length.

To him the king in answer said: With regard to this, it is not proper that they do not pay homage to the Brahmins.

You can visit him tomorrow.

3. Ambattha Sutta

Ambattha Sutta contains two special moments: Then he goes to the Buddha himself. And he saw them all plainly, save only two. Nevertheless, although much is often made of the incongruity of the signs with physical facts, most of them wutta not hard to visualize, with a little imagination. So that, even when a Kshatriya has fallen into the deepest degradation.


The Buddha declares that since neither Pokkharasati nor Ambattha do this, they are incapable of attaining the unexcelled knowledge and conduct and that their claims to superiority are belied.

Furthermore, with the fading away of rapture, they enter and remain in ambattba third absorption … This pertains to their conduct. Neither text nor commentary make it clear what these two marks really quite meant. Ambattha went up to the dwelling and onto the veranda, coughed, and knocked. And just as the venerable Gotama visits the families of others, his disciples, at Ukka tth a, so let him visit.

Ambattha Sutta (DN 3)

Yet still the aristocrats are superior and the brahmins inferior. The rights of the peasants to the other half, and to the use of the common and waste and woods, would remain to them.

If the Kshatriyas had in the same way outlawed a Kshatriya, and banished him from the land or the township, would he, among the Brahmans, be offered water and suta seat? A goblin is born! Serene Faith Dn 29 Pasadika Sutta: Then the king was terrified, shocked, and awestruck.

Only after this the Buddha proclaims that what deserves respect and reverence is the morality of a man, and not his ancestry. Pokkharasati goes to the Buddha and asks him about the conversation he had with Ambattha, so the Buddha tells him.