The Immortals Series 6 Books Collection Set Alyson Noel Everlasting, Night Star [ Alyson Noel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Titles in. Everlasting. 10/18/ 0 Comments · Picture. Everlasting Alyson Noel . Jude and Ava start reading Roman’s journals to find the other immortals. Romy and. Everlasting. The Immortals (Volume 6) Alyson Noël St. Martin’s Press. The sixth and final book in Alyson Noel’s #1 New York Times bestselling Immortals series.

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Then she, being ‘the chosen one’ has to find a tree which bear’s fruit, that can reverse the immortal spell. They help release their souls.

Rafe, Misa, and Marco are there and explain the wonders of the fruit. I think the story lines that I’ve heard so many pathetic pe I hate immortalz when people say horrible things about author’s work. Evermore- we have the stereotypical, currently, teen female protanigist let’s just call her a character, she’s by no means a hero: I guess that’s just old fashioned OH YAH, the super-gorgeously perfect girl gets another love interest, problems may or may occur, girl makes mistake, VILLAIN, and then other filler, love here and there, and you’ve got 4 books, with at least pgs each, summarized in a barely-run-on sentence.


So I decided around a year ago, that I should reread the whole series 4 books at the time before reading the 5th. I don’t remember being so bored by a book since The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Only wouldn’t it be nice if you really could just manifest things, niel yourself to exotic local with just your mind and speak telepathically to your lover No wonder why new writers don’t want to come out with their ideas because it’s people who say mean things about their ideas.

Noel doesn’t back away from emotion, instead she has the ability to reach into your chest and twist your heart. Hmm, like everlastig people I will immorgals reading this because I can’t leave a series unfinished.


Everlasting : Alyson Noel :

Can’t say Immoftals missed her, but she did make this book a decent read. While there was still a few completely unexpected twists in Everlasting it’s pace felt a little slower or maybe that is because we know a happy ending is in sight Lotus shows up looking even older on the Earth plane than she did in Summerland.

I really draw a blank when I think of these books Her relationship with Damen and her friend’s, Miles and Haven was sincere and the way she dealt with High School enemies was more or less ordinary.

Instead, I blazed through the first hundred pages before I knew it Damen shows up to see Ever and Jude holding hands, but immorhals are swept back in time by a vortex of force.

What books is everyone looking forward to? Jan 03, Skyscraper rated it it was amazing. Ever notices that Damen has the antidote in his hand. I only add books I loved, hence all my ratings are 5 stars!

Stacia and Honor talk about helping Ever set up for her party. Despite all the crap, these books did not fill m After so long, it’s over.

After some prodding, Damen is convinced and eats the fruit which breaks the curse put upon him by Roman. It all worked out. Good lord what a waste of time But isn’t this all a bit immoortals, didn’t Myer go through this whole, woe betide anyone who has sex thing Hmm, like many people I will be reading this because I can’t leave a series unfinished.

It turns out the antidote for immortality is to become mortal again.

Everlasting – Paranormal Book Summaries

Okay, I admit, it has a good premise: The boat is torn apart and Ever goes under. Martin’s Griffin first published January 1st Chapter 24 was the cheesiest chapter I have ever read!

The Immortals series is so dull, so bland and so uncreative that it is offensive in an entertaining way. View all 10 comments. This book is probably my second favorite in the series after the first I liked how Ever grew and when she finally makes her own decisions without having screwing everything up. To Jude, Honor, even Sabine, which she finally tells her her eternity secret.


Everlasting Book Summary and Study Guide

As a result, Ever returns the gift and wishs to complete their full journey to immotals the fruit. When Rafe asks about Roman, Ever gives him an honest answer. The Immortals 6 books. The immortality of the soul. Feb 17, Andrea Estrada added it.

Ever reveals to Damen that their painful lives are because of his attachment to the physical world. Everlasting is a fast paced, action packed beautiful ending and conclusion to the alyspn series.

But their fight to be together will lead them into the most formidable terrain yet Isn’t my mind amazing? Drina releases Roman, who gives them the recipe for the antidote.

She calls her Adelina, which is weird because, who aoyson hell is she? Heath, the past life of Jude, had asked Adelina to marry him, but Adelina and Alrik fell in love proving that Ever and Damen really are soul mates. A loony old woman who does riddles tells Ever and Damen that they have to do a task first. Me and the Immortals series are officially: One thing I like about Noel’s writing is that plot is constantly full of surprises.

Do teenagers really make self denying everlsting, based on mature hindsight, well judging by my own experience, I would say no. Only then, when the final mystery is unraveled and the last secret revealed, Ever and Damen’s future will hinge on one ultimate decision that will put everything at stake