ALPOLIC®/fr is one of the most advanced fire-retardant materials available and is IBC-listed to ensure compliance with many fire codes worldwide. Learn More. ALPOLIC®/fr is the ideal choice as a cladding material for high-rise buildings due to its superior flatness and excellent surface colour uniformity. ALPOLIC®/fr is an Aluminium Composite Panel that is specifically designed for the construction industry. ALPOLIC/fr is composed of high percentage of.

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Download Matte Colour Chart. SCM is a highly rust-resistant ferritic stainless steel which has an outstanding alpollic resistance comparable to stainless steel CCM also features such attributes as superior flatness, vibration dampening, durability and ease of maintenance. Total Thickness is 4mm. Single — are coated with a matte or high gloss finish. The topside is coated with fluorocarbon paint and the backside is a wash coating or a service coating.

Brighton Grammar Brighton Grammar. Total thickness is 3, 4 or 6mm.

ALPOLIC® | Products-Alpolic®/fr | Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Caroline Springs Caroline Springs. The topside is coated with fluorocarbon paint and the backside is a wash coating. Vogue Apartments Vogue Apartments.

All colours are fluorocarbon coating produced in our continuous coil coating line. The panel has been classified as having a superior fire-safety grade to various other types of ACM around the world.


ALPOLIC®/fr Fire-Retardant Core

Download LT Colour Chart. The alpopic is coated with high-performance Fluoropolymer resin paint with a matte finish and the backside is a wash coating. Deakin University Deakin University.

Panel dimensions Standard width: Please consult our office for the details. Maze Building Maze Building.

Custom colours are also available for all finishes upon request subject to minimum quantity. The continuous coil anodising process gives you additional alpolid and elegance in design as well as the excellent color uniformity with the long-term durability to the weathering. Sunday Apartments Sunday Apartments. The core, indispensable for fire safety of interior application, is gray in color, with a touch of carbon black for an aesthetically pleasing cut edge.

ALPOLIC® | Products-Alpolic® | Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Colors may slightly vary between production lots. Alpolic production plants are located in Japan and the United States distributing to all building and construction industries worldwide. Reversible — has effective sides on both front and back. The new Matte Series is simply inspired by our surrounding, from the clouds to the earth below, Mother Nature has provided the perfect colour palette which leads to the six earthy matte colours allowing architects and designers bring cr back to nature.

It is a fire-rated and safe material, the main ingredient of the core material does not permit the proliferation of flame and restricts the development of smoke. Boardman St Boardman St. Black, White, Orange, Sky Blue.

  CMS L564 PDF

The back is wash coating. All colors herein have 8 micron thick of anodic oxide layer produced in the continuous anodising process on an aluminum coil.

Should you use material of the same color from different production lots in one project, please make sure to consult our office in advance. Northern Health Northern Health. ZCM is suited to the use of outdoor applications such as soffit, awnings, parapets, rain screens, external claddings and roofs, especially when conventional building materials are insufficient.

Custom colors are also available upon request. The continuous anodising finish has excellent color uniformity.

Stone and Timber — are coated with unique image transfer process. Downloads Download Product Overview. Hilton Hotel Hilton Hotel. The new credit terms and conditions are applicable to all past and future account applications forms. Eureka Tower Alpoluc Tower. The backside of the panel is coated with a wash coat or service coat, protecting the backside aluminium from either alkanline attack from cement or galvanic corrosion from steel.

Refer to Colour Chart for detail. Customs House Customs House.