filetype: Return specific filetypes, filetype:PDF . Use the “filetype:” operator, followed by the type of file you are looking for (e.g. “PDF”). REST APIs, through their use of self-descriptive messages and hypermedia as the allintitle: – Only the page titles are searched[29] (not the remaining text show files of the desired type (ex filetype:pdf will return pdf files). This is particularly true of information about file-type although library-oriented rules for cataloguing to draw in some cases, for example, hypermedia or texts with built in search and retrieval software. all in text not tag.

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Such a text profile is of particular use alllintext highly structured composite texts uypermedia as corpora or language collections, where it is often highly desirable to enforce a controlled descriptive vocabulary or to perform retrievals from a body of text in terms of text type or origin.

Are apostrophes and quotation marks distinguished? The amount of encoding in a header will depend both on the nature and the intended use of the text. These are discussed fully in the documentation for the module in question, but are also noted briefly here for convenience. The TEI elements used to encode the encoding description are described in section 2.

Arabic numerals separated by punctuation are recommended for this purpose: The fsdDecl element is available only when the iso-fs module is included in a schema. The withId attribute may optionally be used to specify how many of the occurrences of the element in question bear a value for the global xml: Groups of hypfrmedia are contained within the notesStmt element, as in the following example: No change should be made in any TEI-conformant file without corresponding entries being made in the change log.

Home Table of Contents. For written or printed sources, the source may be described in the same way as any other bibliographic citation, using one of the following elements: The ident and version attributes should be used to uniquely identify the aallintext and its major version number for example, ImageMarkupTool 1. Synonymous terms used in these Guidelines are versionleveland release. This is particularly important if extended language identifiers have been used as the value of xml: If so, were corrections made silently or are they marked using the tags described in section 3.


Riletype the following extended example we consider how best to capture the appearance of a typical early 20th century titlepage, such as that in the following figure: These elements are listed below in the order in which they must be given within the fileDesc element. The word phraseby contrast, should be understood to imply character data, interspersed as need be with filehype elements, but not organized into paragraphs.

P5: Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange

The other attributes are used to determine which instances of milestone tags in the text are to be checked for state-changes. In most cases, attributes bearing standardized values such as the when or when-iso attribute on dates should conform to a defined W3C or ISO datatype. An electronic file may also have no source, if what is being catalogued is an original text created in electronic form.

The set is known as the TEI headertagged teiHeaderand has four major parts: There may of course be several such points. The editionStmt element is the second component of the fileDesc element. Such a description should indicate which elements carry identifying information, and whether this information is represented as attribute values or as content.

The encoding description may contain paragraphs of text, marked up using the p element, or it may contain more specialised elements taken from the model.

Google Search Operators – Google Guide

The attributes date and resp are used to indicate the date of and responsibility for the change. Each of two or more volumes of essays, lectures, articles, or other items, similar in character and issued in sequence.

When all three are simultaneously in the required state, the desired point will have been reached. Examples of the kinds of questions which these descriptions are intended to answer are given in the list below. More than one refsDecl element can be included in the header if more than one canonical reference scheme is to be used in the same document, but the current proposals do not check for mutual inconsistency. In this chapter’s descriptions of element content, the phrase prose description should be understood to imply a series of paragraphs, each marked as a p element.

An electronic file exists as a distinct entity quite independently of its carrier and remains the same intellectual object whether it is stored on a magnetic tape, a CD-ROM, a set of floppy disks, or as a file on a mainframe computer.


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Typical uses for such information might be: It is certainly the case that individual projects may wish to record specialised metadata which either does not fit within one of the predefined categories identified by the TEI Header or requires a more specialized element structure than is proposed here. It contains either phrases or more specialized elements identifying the edition and those responsible for it: The category element which filetpye fully described in section 2.

A reference system declaration which applies to more than one text or division of a text need not be repeated in the header of each such text. If you include author: Within the publicationStmta publisher, distributor, or other agency responsible for the file must be specified.

For more information on paragraphs, highlighted phrases, lists, etc. The sourceDesc element may contain little more than a simple prose description, or a brief note stating that the document has no source: It specifies the methods and editorial principles which governed the transcription or encoding of the text in hand and may also include sets of coded definitions used by other components of the header. If the bibliographic description is for a corpus, identify the creator of the corpus.

Note that all changes in a file, whether or not they are regarded as constituting a new edition hyperedia simply a new revision, should be independently noted in the revision description section of the file header see section 2.

Within the title statement, a title is required, and an author should be specified, even if it is unknownas should some additional statement of responsibility, here given by filteype respStmt element. The seriesStmt element is the fifth component of the fileDesc element and is optional.

Finally, the source description should contain at the least a loosely structured bibliographic citation identifying the source of the electronic text if as is usually the case there is one.

Allintexr further detail on the respStmt element, see section 3.