A review, and links to other information about and reviews of The Other Side by Alfred Kubin. When the protagonist of The Other Side by Alfred Kubin follows an invitation to take up residence in the secret Dream Kingdom that his school. Author: Alfred Kubin The Other Side tells of a dream kingdom which becomes a nightmare, of a journey to Pearl, a mysterious city created.

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The Oblate of Saint Benedict J. Quotes from The Other Side. Possibile che non ci siano limiti, che tutto sia vissuto come da sonnambuli, che due giocatori di scacchi non finiscano mai la loro partita? Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete ,ubin ‘s biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers. For example, Kubin represents the blurring of the categories by which humanity defines its place in the world: As ukbin story goes along and unseen force behind everything becomes felt, as if this world is held together by the will of one person’s dream.

Tiene un gran manejo alfed las palabras, de las frases que utiliza para narrar las situaciones que enfrenta nuestro protagonista. Everything looks drab and dingy in dreary shades of greenish grey.

Blah blah blah Kubin was a pessimist and tortured small animals in his youth I thought that was a serial killer sign but what do I know? Misericordia Benito Perez Galdos. You know that other land place where missing socks go? Imagine yourself in another world where people commit orgies in the streets and snakes curl under your bead-shee Imagine you are on a train kubni you are going to a distant place that you have been to before. He had two long vertical rows of nipples, I counted eighteen.

Interestingly, in contrast to possible interpretations of LeGuin, Kubin seems to suggest that collective thought tends only towards destruction, that the mass effect of humanity is only for ill.


The latter were sorely needed as even the initial population was 12, It was available in a new english translation by Mike Mitchell from Dedalus Books. Return to Book Page. This alfded a complex matter, but I will be brief. There is a single gate for entry and exit, facilitating strict control of people and goods.

I didn’t care about Patera at all. Murders are committed with increasing intensity. I reckon that it needs a certain kind of person and the right frame of mind while reading to truly enjoy it. Kubin says he’ll see me on the other side, then.

The Other Side

Dangling some cash, and the offer of a new adventure, the stranger convinces the narrator to uproot his life and follow Patera’s invitation, to move to the dream-realm. The editor suggests it is a satire of Utopianism. They lose their fortune, and while the narrator gets kubon good job as an illustrator for one of the local papers, their situation is not a particularly happy one. Simplicissimus Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen.

Moving there at his behest made no kind of gut sense otyer me. No es un libro que pueda leerse sin, aunque sea, un poco de esfuerzo. In any case certain sections of the book resonated deeply with me, but despite very well written language the situations described are so weird that I had to read sside passages over and lubin again to get the approximation of what is going on. I disegni di Kubin sono visionari, sono incubi, sono malati, sono atroci, sono cupi, tetri, allucina n ti, sono bellissimi.

The Golem Gustav Meyrink. In the early s the unnamed first-person narrator of The Other Sidealgred former graphic artist in his seventies, writes down what happened forty years earlier when he lived somewhere in Central Asia for a while. Alfred Kubin was born in Leitmeritz today: Don’t expect much out of it, just read it for what it is and enjoy his descriptions of the bizarre Dream Realm.


Every man wishes to be a creator but some creations of mankind are grimly monstrous. My edition from is the first edition to have his comple Nothing short of amazing. Paperback copies are scarce and costly. Though ostensibly a gothic macabre fantasy, it is tempting to read The Other Side as a satire on the reactionary, idealist utopianism evident in German thought in the early twentieth century, highly prescient in its gloom, given later developments.

Come on, it’s me! It was reprinted a number of times since it was written around I think with more and more of his autobiography added – obviously as he wrote it. Recommended to Mariel by: Blah blah blah Jung and the collective subconscious. With a snort, he inflated his lungs, filling first the right and then the left side of his chest, and then with his fingers on the eighteen nipples played the most beautiful harmonica pieces.

Remember when the administration head counted our just on time mustachioed and arpeggios?

Then even domesticated animals become vicious and turn on their masters. Il mondo fu irradiato da una soave e beata spossatezza. View all 4 comments.

He stood there upright, his torso reaching the clouds; his flesh was as if made of hills. The inevitable yhe of Patera’s creation is lent added horror by hindsight.

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We can notify you when this item is back in stock. Here is a sample of the text apologies for the photo quality: L’altra parte – Italia. Hopefully they will reprint The Other Side soon. People start becoming violent.