Alexandria Troas is an ancient city in the Aegean, which was mentioned also in the Bible. All about Alexandria Troas, ancient city near Troy in Turkey, & how to visit it, by Tom Brosnahan. Alexandria Troas is an ancient Greek city situated on the Aegean Sea near the northern tip of Turkey’s western coast, a little south of Tenedos (modern.

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Maximus, AE14 of Alexandria, Troas. Bronze mm of Alexandria Troas Troy 8.

Alexandria in Troas

In its heyday the alsxandria may have had a population of aboutThe Apostle visited the city again, during his third missionary journey 53 – 58 AD. Middle East and North Africa: The total length of the walls was once 10 km, and with defensive towers placed at regular intervals.

It owed its alexamdria development to its strategic position, on the Aegean coast near the entrance to the Dardanelles. It this was, Ottomans gained a convenient starting point for the campaign of conquest of European territories, located on the other shore of the Dardanelles. Quoted in Freely, op.

Bellinger ; McClean The apostle Paul visited the town. Marinus alexandrka ; Niconius in ; Sylvanus at the beginning of the 5th century; Pionius in ; Leo in ; Peter, friend of the Patriarch Ignatiusand adversary to Michael, in the ninth century. Alexanddia settlements in Turkey.


Its function is still unknown today. In the Byzantine era, Alexandria Troas held the rank of a bishopric, and the names of some of its bishops are known.

Geta, AE24 of Alexandria, Troas. This man came to Alexandria Troas to hear the speech of St. According to ancient sources, the settlement in the area of Alexandria Troas had already existed before the Hellenistic period, and it was called Sigeia Sigia.

Volusian, AE22 of Alexandria, Troas.

Bellinger A var drachm. At one time, these columns were exported by ship to Istanbul and around the Aegean. Alexandreia, Troas, AE25, civic issue. You read and agreed to our Privacy Policy.

However, Pliny’s view is not correct, because the city continued being called Alexandria Troas, and so is also stated in the 4th-5th c.

The circuit of the old walls can still be traced. Apollo Smintheus Apollo the Mouse Slayer standing right on a pedestal; tripod in front of him. Alexandira work has recently been conducted on its territory. Alexandreia Troas AE On the other side of the road are a basilica and one of several bathswith clay piping exposed.

Troas, Alexandreia – Ancient Greek Coins –

Paul, but he fell asleep from exhaustion and fell from the third floor. The preserved ancient buildings of Alexandria Troas include a bath, five odeons, a theater, a gymnasium, a necropolis, a nymphaeum, and a recently discovered stadium, dating back to BC.


Caracalla, Alexandria Troas, Ae 23, 7. Caracalla AE22 of Alexandria Troas. The baths were built in the 2nd century AD and its dimensions are x 84 meters. As of the midth century the site served as “a lurking place for bandetti”. Gallienus AE 20mm of Alexandria Troas. The people in the audience, in addition to the performances taking place there, could admire stunning views of the entire city, distant ruins of Neandria, the islands of Bozcaada and Lesbos, and the Aegean Sea.

BMC 92; Bellinger This article has been previously published as a part of book Gallipoli Peninsula and the Troad: If you plan to stay overnight in this area, it is alesandria checking if there are places available in local hotels: Caracalla, AE of Alexandria, Troas.

Caracalla, AE23 of Alexandreia, Troas. Bellinger A var legends. Alexandria Troas is an important site for the history of Christianityit was mentioned several times in the Bible.

Alexandria Troas – Rough Guides | Rough Guides

Gallienus AE20 of Alexandria, Troas. Gallienus, AE21 of Alexandria, Troas. Apparently unpublished reverse type for Elagabalus.