The Art of Victory has 8 ratings and 2 reviews. ‘Aussie Rick’ said: Aleksandr Vasiliyevich Suvorov, Prince of Italy, Count of Rimnikskiy, Count of the Ho. The pages 3 to 19 are a discussion of Suvorov and his importance as a Pages 23 to 40 is an annotated version of his famous book – Science of Victory. Alexander Suvorov spent more than 50 years of his life on the battlefield. Suvorov penned The Science of Victory, a manual on how to do it.

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You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects vivtory covered. Suvorov remained a close confidant of Catherine, however he had a negative relationship with her son and heir apparent Paul.

Various currency notes of the Transnistrian ruble depict Suvorov.

Dr. Wendell A. Howe: The Science of Victory

Suvorov was not happy with this and disregarded Paul’s orders to train new soldiers in this Prussian manner, which he considered cruel and useless. Suvorov and Paul did not see eye-to-eye, and Suvorov remained essentially banished to his estate until his death on 15 May Aleksandr Suvorov was probably one of Imperial Russia’s finest military commanders, never having been defeated in battle. At bottom is his comment and M. But his drolleries served sometimes to hide, more often to express, a soldierly genius, the effect of which the Russian army did not soon outgrow.

He was noted for the saying “Train hard, fight easy. Suvorov in Italy and Switzerland, If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. Alexander Suvorova Russian military genius who rivalled Napoleon, his contemporary, is today a lost figure in history–except in Russia. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kherson.


Suvorov retired disgraced at This was the closest thing he had ever had to a defeat, yet even if the mountain crossing was a triumph in itself. After Catherine died of a stroke inPaul I was crowned Emperor and dismissed Suvorov for disregarding his orders. Alas, at the end of his career, Suvorov fell out of favor with the royals: Retrieved June 29, These latter are highly original, deliberately aiming at unexpected and striking effects.

Still, that was the maneuver that netted Suvorov his title of the fourth generalissimo of Russia, only days before his death. Petersburg where he had been promised a heroes welcome. Prussia would make him a count and Italy would make him a prince for his services as an ally. At the request of Russia’s allies, Paul had to recall Suvorov to active service and appoint him the commander-in-chief of the allied forces in Northern Italy. The Art of Victory: An absorbing portrait of a quixotic pragmatist who never lost a battle.

During the Seven Years’ War he was promoted to colonel in for his success on the battlefield. Taken by the young lad, who, in addition to his fascination with martial arts also spoke French, German, Italian, and Polish, Hannibal convinced Suvorov senior to let his unwavering offspring pursue his passion.

Page 19 of text – source in the archives for this version of the original Suvorov text. Surrounded by the enemy, short of ammunition and supplies, and with the first snows of winter falling, Suvorov set out to extract his army from an apparently hopeless position.

Museums, Palaces, and Historic Collections. He died a few months later. Alexander SuvorovSt. Suvorov was meant to receive the funeral honors of a Generalissimo, but was buried as an ordinary field marshal due to Paul’s direct interference.


The Last King of PolandLondon,p. From Turks to Prussians and from Swedes to French, Suvorov had a spectacular and surprisingly long military career for someone who spent his life on the frontline. In he was created a Russian count and a count of the Holy Roman Empire ; in he was created a Russian prince. Blogroll Adventures of Clockwork Caravel B. I think the friendship of Suvorov and Catherine is best summed up by the story of his promotion. Lists with This Book. Nov 20, See Article History.

He died in of illness in Saint Petersburg. Suvorov had wished to invade France but was ordered across the Alps to join a Russian force under Aleksandr Rimsky-Korsakov that was being threatened by the French in Switzerland.

Alexander Suvorov

Contact our editors with your feedback. When Alexander was 12, General Gannibalwho lived in the neighborhood, overheard his father complaining about Alexander and asked to speak to the child. According to a family legend his paternal ancestor named Suvor [7] had emigrated from Sweden with his family in and enlisted at the Russian service to serve Tsar Mikhail Feodorovich his descendants became Suvorovs. He is buried in the chapel at the Aleksandr Nevskiy Cemetery in St.

The pages 3 to 19 are a discussion of Suvorov and his importance as a Russian general.

Suworow Rymnikski by Fr. Petersburg with a plain tombstone inscribed, “Suvorov Lies Here.