Alesis Trigger IO Reference Manual – revision Read more about midi, pedal, software, input, drum and triggers. Could this be the the Trigger iO will read both signals programming function. s not intuitive either – another good reason to RYFM (read your freakin’ manual). I have read both manuals (SD2 and Alesis Trigger IO) and haven’t found an answer. The SD2 manual has an area for hi hat mapping and mentioned that some.

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I am using Cubase and this is a photo of my Hi Hat Data:. Choose the “hatsCtrl”‘ articulation.

Trigger IO & use of Sysex

To cancel crosstalk, weaker signals that arrive at nearfy the same time as stronger sig nals will be ignored. Trigegr haven’t even been that motivated i still don’t even have all my pads set trjgger One issue I’m having mahual my dumps don’t seem to match chroma’s spec, at least as far as Programs go and most specifically, the last few bytes at the end.

The next byte, the Program Change byte, always seems to match what I see on the unit display and aalesis else as far as the Trigger formats seem to line up with the exception of headers. They appear to be in order, they will be kick trigger A, then kick triggerB, then snare triggerA, etc.

I’ll spend 2 hours focusing on this and get an answer. On the right The majual feature list is somewhat signs for electronic percussion looking for easier ways to interface amazing for its price point: Viewing 10 posts – 1 through 10 of 10 total.


With AD it was horrible and confusing. Olof Westman – Toontrack Coder. But the sound is always Open Hi Hat…. All of the iO’s features are footprint. You may fin d that this helps make the unit laster. Any progress on your software project?

Answered November 10, at By no means am I saying what I’m doing is the absolute right way, mind you. Thus I did not do this personally.

Think of a SysEx load as a memory dump. And, the included troubleshooting guide could be very helpful if you run into any problems. I simply didn’t learn it in S2 at all and let S2 do everything, which it appears to do with JUST the pedal and cymbal setup as documented above. Crosstalk values on the iO range from This offers total flexibility to control a large number of differen t sounds at the same time. Did you miss your activation email? You must be logged in to reply to this topic.

In my tests, the Trigger iO worked pretty much as you would expect. If you’re not happy with the triggering response right off the bat, don’t give up. According to the documentation Superior is designed by default to work off “GM Extended” mapping.

In the meantime, my blog post will continue to help users of your product manage make enough sense of this convoluted process so that they can spend less time scratching their heads and troubleshooting, and more time playing the drums.


Keep in mind that each millisecond of latency is about the time it takes for sound to travel 12″. Last edited by hellforce ; Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat.

Originally posted by Gastric View Post. Yes, and I thank you for your effort. This is an open forum for discussion of e-drums in general.


I made a cpumark 99 with my laptop 2ghz pentium dual core it scored and with my computer in the studio it scored and its a 2. Is my Computer not good enough?

It’s rare to see so many velocity curves available on a unit in this price range. Everything I’ve learned is from reading here and my own touch-and-feel experience. I’ve read the manual.

It can be stand-mounted, accessed and controlled from these four buttons. But i dont have a firewire soundcard so will ,anual with my Pod X3 to my laptop will return with the result later. Both drumsets did this i have treid everything isnt it possible to get the same attack as when i use my mouse or maybe it is not possible to get a good sound when you trigger live i dont know.