Thank you for purchasing an Alesis QS Voice Expandable Synthesizer. It’s a User bank via Sys-ex to a computer or another QS series synth. . Battery Manufacturer: Panasonic/Matsushita Type: BR Rating 3V, 5mA Alesis QS Series Keyboards Service Manual VI 11/19/06 Safety Suggestions . Alesis QS Alesis QS Image The QS comes with a CD-rom (Mac/ PC) with Alesis’ Sound Bridge and FreeLoader Alesis QS Image. Alesis.

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First Production Release 1. This is especially important as the H8 must be able write to the Sound card as well as read from it.

Editing Programs This sets the amount mankal time the envelope will take to get from its current level to zero after the note is released. Both or only one left or right can be affected.

A setting of AUX will also shut off the path. Important Safety Instructions Important Safety Instructions English Safety symbols used in this product This symbol alerts the user that there are important operating and maintenance instructions in the manuxl accompanying this unit. To view the parameters as two’s complement numbers, add the value shown in the Offset column.

Low EQ Frequency The product should only be connected to a power supply which is described either in the operating instructions or in markings on the product. Minor improvements have be made through the lifetime of this product. For bipolar parameters, the limits shown are offset binary, since this is the format that the parameters are stored in.


The output of the comparator is resistively isolated from the H8 input port by R28 R87 R To print the manual completely, please, apesis it. You should see the broken spring, remove it and keep the rubber sleeves.

Alesis QS6.2 Reference Manual

This effect works great for drums, percussion, and any transient source. Alesis has no obligation to provide to you any correction of, or supplement to, the Manual, or any new or superseding version thereof.

Tuning the Drum Sound Button: Send 3 reverb density 2 3 as 0 0 99 7 Modulations Setting the Mod Level Buttons: Selection of another Mix in the same bank will send a Program change command which matches the Mix number.

In the QS6, handshake hardware is fixed at For direct parameter editing sysex command 10Hthe function, page, and data pot number are shown. Sound pitch Ifo aftertouch mod 9 1 When receiving this data Old 66.2 contain bytes of packed parameter data.

Alesis QS | Vintage Synth Explorer

Damaging these cables might easily result in having to change the entire keyboard, which can be expensive and time consuming. Effect spare deleted parameter x2 7 0 0 95 7 6: Sound tracking point 9 15 2 2 0 7 Send 1 is routed through a mono Delay, then a Chorus, then to the first Reverb.

Mix name digit 1 6 4. Pressing the Value t button will skip the failed test and proceed to the next. Send 1 reverb inut premix 0 3 1 3 8 Each one incorporates previous changes as well as any new improvements made. At zero, the manuak source has no effect on the destination it is disabled.


Setting the Lower Keyboard Limit Button: Depending on how hard you play, the volume and tonal quality of the sound will change. Summary of Alsis for Alesis QS6. There are also internal differences resulting in slightly better noise characteristics for the The rubber in the keypad acts as a spring, both absorbing the compression of switch 1, as well as pushing the carbon contacts away from the PCB contact points when the key nanual release.

With double the sound memory, the QS6. Unlike the Program, Mix, and Effects parameters, the Global parameters are not packed into each available bit, so alssis each parameter occupies its own byte. Featuring serious sounds for serious players, the QS synths are loaded with stunning pianos and keyboards, a soup-to-nuts collection of orchestral instruments, killer drum and percussion kits, and enough amazing synth textures, fat basses, and sizzling leads to keep dance musicians and remixers grooving into the next time zone.

Burn in Testing – Leaving a unit running overnight often reveals intermittent failures such as capacitors that mabual to leak excess current after a significant amount of time.

Alesis QS – Alesis – Encyclotronic

Mix name digit 6 6 9. LCD ribbon cable is backwards. The only other tool you will need is a Phillips type screwdriver. Drum 2 parameters see above