“Entertaining This is warm hearted science fiction with big ideas.” -Interzone “A thrilling, mind- boggling adventure.” -The Times (UK) “Reynolds’s approach. I think the implication is there that Purslane might be Abigail, but it’s never for sure as Abigail was very careful about all clones being equal. The reason she can’t. Alastair Reynolds’ House Of Suns, shortlisted for the Clarke Award, is a novel of ideas, with all that implies. The space-opera epic throws a.

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The progenitor of almost everything, is a woman Abigailas is her rival Ludmilla Marcellanand there are plenty of others. And, of course, the ancient machinery of the vanished Krell… I hope that House of Suns functions as an independent novel. Like all of Mr.

The shatterlings open fire on both Galingale’s and Purslane’s ships, and while they manage to capture Galingale, they are unable to stop Purslane’s ship. It’s hopeful but nihilistic at the same time–working in comsological time can do that to humans, as the main characters observe. They are also late for their Family re-union when they get into some trouble with an unscrupulous space-ship trader The most impressive thing is the world building, and how the complex science becomes understandable and readable in a way that you don’t normally find in these types of books.

As such, they are above the fray of the continually shifting politics and existences of the various planetary societies—all ultimately human, though for the most part removed in one way or another from the baseline framework.


We’d never have visited this world unless something bad had happened to us. A charming robot who’s just a little bit quirky. There is a trick Reynolds has used repeatedly before and again here, that I feel he needs deynolds be wary of: House of Suns by Alastair Reynolds is the December selection.


Jul 19, Loothi rated it really liked it.

House of Suns

I rather like Revelation Space but in a muted sort of way, I thought the characters were on the flat side and a lot of the science went over my head. Profound astronomical This is the kind of novel Reynolds was meant to write. Hesperus is a member of the “Machine People”, an advanced civilization of robots, and reyolds the only non-human sentient society in existence.

This book develops a solution and takes us on one part of that journey.

House of Suns by Alastair Reynolds | : Books

One had this particular line that I really liked: Despite Fescue’s warning, Campion and Purslane approach the reunion system to look for survivors. My review of Turquoise Days – https: After reading some really awesome reviews from Cecily and Apatt, and despite the fact that I’ve already read ten of his novels and short story collections, I’ve been feeling quite ashamed that I still hadn’t read this well-regarded novel.

Feb 27, Frank rated it really liked it Shelves: And of Ugarit-Panth, a suicidal pachyderm. No faster than light travel except for one.

Our consciousnesses are not built to function for millions of consecutive years which is why the main characters have only lived for several thousand subjective years, biologically possible thanks to technology, while entering “abeyance” during extended space travel. The actors travel huge intra-galactic distances and take tens of thousands of years or more to do so. Fortunately, during their travels, they manage to rescue an amnesiac android named Hesperus.

So what has humanity been up to for 6. Abigail created 1, clones — Rating: Facebook Google Twitter Print Email. Our huma The pacing of Alastair Reynolds’ novels feel a bit predicatable when you’ve read a few. In the end, though, Reynolds makes it clear that he has only scratched the surface. Amidst the rise and fall of entire civilisations, the destiny of Purslane and Campion, essentially two clones of a young woman named Abigail Gentian, but also fully fledged individuals with their own histories and personalities, and the golden robot Hesperus rises to a grandeur of its own.


DVK-on-Ahch-To k I just ploughed through, savouring each word. My first Alastair Reynolds book, and it was fantastic. The House of Suns says screw it, we don’t need no stinking FTL, and we’re doing So one of the biggest constraints of the space opera genre is answering the question of faster than light FTL travel.

As with the novella, I tossed in just about every superscience gadget I could think of—inertialess drives, force fields, stasis boxes, and refrained from offering much in the way of explanation for how any of these innovations functioned. In Leckie’s book we have a similar premise of consciousness distributed over multiple bodies, but in Ancillary Justice all the bodies or “ancillaries” share the same single sentient consciousness like a “hive mind.

A lot of energy and ideas were thrown into this novel, and it’s definitely worth reading if you’re at all into really “serious” Space-Opera works of the deep future.

But scratch beneath the scales, the fur, the armor, they were still humans at the core, and no amount of primate babble could ever drown out that silence completely. And distant it is: