ALAN LIGHTMAN. EINSTEIN’S DREAMS. Alan Lightman was born in Memphis,. Tennessee, in and educated at. Princeton and at the California Institute. A modern classic, Einstein’s Dreams is a fictional collage of stories dreamed by Albert Einstein in , about time, relativity and physics. As. “Einstein’s Dreams,” by Alan Lightman, strives to be a kind of post-modern hybrid of science writing and fantasy. It stands partly in the tradition.

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For while themovements of people are unpredict-able, the movement of time is predict-able. A manstands there just now, absentlyemptying his pockets and weeping.

Ein-stein will work alwn a new design himselfand send it to Rasmussen without re-questing payment or even acknowledg-ment. A great field, lined with ce-dar and spruce. How can one enroll in universitywithout knowing ones future occupa-tion?

Pightman red at sunset. Lovers who return stillembrace in the shadows of buildings,but now their embraces seem emptyand alone. Clothes on the floor in theevening lie on chairs in the morning. An old man inthe kitchen, cooking breakfast for hisgrandson, the boy gazing out the win-dow at a white painted bench.


His studies came toa halt.

Einstein’s Dreams – Wikipedia

Aneggshell, white, fragile, unbroken. Afterwards, she will takehim to her apartment. And just asone may choose whether oightman stay in oneplace or run lightamn another, so one maychoose his motion along the axis oftime.

Just now a chemist is walk-ing back to his shop on Kochergasse,having taken his noon meal. A locked cabinet of pills. At the bakery on Marktgasse, thethick-fingered baker puts dough in theoven and sings.

The secondsquirms and wriggles like a bluefish ina bay. In many ways, it is a town of onepiece and a whole. Each person will be alawyer, a bricklayer, a writer, an ac-countant, a painter, a physician, afarmer.

For no new enterpriseis new. Whenher son knocks at the door, she doesnot answer.

At dusk, the shop-keepers go home to their families ordrink beer in the taverns, calling hap-pily to friends down the vaulted alleys,caressing each moment as an emeraldon temporary consignment. The future is beckoning.

She is terrified that she will kick updust, just as a Peter Klausen is makinghis way to the apothecary on Spital-gasse this afternoon of 16 April In a world of one day they areequal. A lifeis a moment in season.

Einstein’s Dreams

How couldthey know that nothing is temporary,that all will happen again? When people meet at houses, they po-litely inquire of each others health andthen attend to their own affairs. In his hand heholds twenty crumpled pages, his newtheory of time, which he will mailtoday to the German journal of physics. Some few who have witnessed the fu-ture do all they can to refute it.


A. Lightman – Einstein’s Dreams – [PDF Document]

The positions and motions ofclouds appear exactly the same, the tra-jectories of birds, the flow of conversa-tions, thoughts. Nearby, a middle-aged wo-man sits on the stone rim of einstdin fountain,weeping quietly.

Saturday night, says Besso. Politicians do not know einsteun theywill shout from the same lectern an in-finite number of times in the cycles oftime.

Seminole County Florida

Thetop of a mountain with a strong steadywind, the valley falling away on allsides, sandwiches of beef and cheese. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Few projects are started that do not ad-vance a career.