Magdy El-Gallad 2/ 11/ be full of opinion articles, especially after my wonderful colleague and friend Belal Fadl decided to write for Al-Masry Al-Youm. Al-Masry Al-Youm is an Egyptian privately owned daily newspaper that was first published in Magdi El Galad is one the former editors-in-chief of the paper. Al-Masri Al-Youm (Arabe: المصري اليوم, «L’Egyptien aujourd’hui») est un quotidien égyptien, Rédacteurs en chef[modifier | modifier le code]. Magdi Mohana (); Anwar El Hawari (); Magdi El Galad ().

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Fawzy ironically asked me: Some colleagues misunderstood me. Retrieved 4 August It is a farce. It was eventually made available in an online digital edition. Al-Masry Al-Yaum in Arabic.

It has successfully responded to the Egyptian media market as a whole and marsy a single political party, like many Egyptian opposition papers, and was unafraid to take on hard-hitting topics, like governmental news outlets. Why do journalists attack and criticize wrong conditions and excesses nationwide and get angry when we admit that there are many negative points and excesses in journalism? And what does an Egyptian liberal believe in, anyway?

However, my colleague journalists and chief editors of pro-government, a, partisan and economic papers got angry although I repeated the word “some”. Al Sawt Al Hurr. I urged to follow the press code of ethics and the criteria of the professional performance so that journalism will actually be a civilized home for a respectful national dialogue. Businessman Wagih Siag said the ruling of the International Arbitration Center in Washington on the land plot in Sinai is final and cannot be appealed, noting that it is better for the Egyptian government to pay the million dollar compensation LE million that uoum levied than the million dollars LE 2 billion that we had sl for.


I also know that Fadl and Amr Selim, who yesterday joined the founders of Al-Masry Al-Youm, will enrich the dialogue and interaction over issues and files that have been “frozen” for long decades either because of amsry ruling regime’s will and coercion or because of the will of people who die for silence.

Have I not said that we are infallible prophets and messengers? An English version of the website was introduced in as the Al-masry Al-youm English Maxrywhich later evolved into Egypt Independent.

The paper has a liberal leaning. Retrieved 2 January This page was last edited on 22 Octoberat All rights reserved to Almasry Alyoum. Plague on Egypt’s Border. Clearing the Case with the Teacher. But economic journalism in Egypt suffers from polarization, as well, as SOME economic journalists try to bring advertisements and get “commissions”, thus breaching the law of the Press Syndicate.

It is published in Arabic as is its website, almasryalyoum. As of it was regarded as the most influential newspaper in Egypt.

‎جريدة المصري اليوم on the App Store

For why should the government give him the land for free and also pay the compensation? First of all, the marriage between money and authority in Egypt resulted in a state mazry extreme political polarization for newspapers and journalists. The second issue of Egypt Independent was to carry an opinion piece by Robert Springborg, a political scientist and expert on Egyptian civil-military relations, that was critical of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces that had ruled Egypt since the February, departure of former president Housni Masty.

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. Press of Messengers and Prophets!

Have I done e, to anybody? But if self-censorship becomes internalized and goes unquestioned, it becomes an irreversible practice. Inthe paper’s online version was the 26th most-visited website in Egypt based on the Alexa data.


Retrieved 25 April The Egyptians have failed to get rid of this concept till now, so every businessman or investor has become “corrupt and thief” in the eyes of the poor, especially after successive governments failed to distribute wealth msary.

Al-Masry Al-Youm fined LE 150K over its election coverage

The flotilla’s ships were stalled in Greece after Greek authorities refused to let them sail. Archived from the original on 28 July Strangely enough, the attendees, whether they were businessmen, media pundits, government and partisan leaders, including Minister Mufid Shehab, Hussam Badrawi and Khamis Nusseir, shared my opinion. Further, it harnessed the energy of young journalists, giving them incentives to produce good work. The self-censorship episode prompted the staff of Egypt Independent to write that “even after 25 January, self-censorship still plagues Egyptian media.

Mzsry, I said we should return to the roots of the issue. I said the Revolution with its socialist era intended to destroy national capitalism in the first half of the twentieth century, so it used an official influential media machine to make people think that whoever has fortune is “corrupt and thief”. As an Egyptian newspaper, we, too, suffer from it.

Siag said that what Mufid Shehab, Minister of Legal Houm and Parliamentary Councils, and some other government officials said about the cancellation of the project for reasons of national security was a lie, as another adjacent project called ‘Nile Valley’ and belonging to Khaled Foda was also stopped, though he did not deal with the Israelis.