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The scheme requires manipulation of Professor Gu to help with a certain task… The Machiavellian mind control plotline is the thriller aspect of the book but most of the book is taken up by the exploration of this future setting and how Professor Gu adapts to it. But it still had some of the key disappointing characteristics of the other s. Three intelligence officers from major countries are combating this problem.

I mean dang, look at that BAMF. Setting aside the fact that I started this in August, and just now finished it, I don’t think this was very good. Until new medical technologies are able to not just vednor his mental deterioration, flnal give him the body of a teenager as well. There may be some overlap between the two sides.

Rainbows End combines a fish-out-of-water story with drl threat of an international conspiracy to control the world through subliminal viral engineering.

Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge

Thanks for telling us about the problem. So the grouchy old poet – that was an image my mind could run with! Overall, its engrossing and delightful, ending on enough of a positive note to make you wonder about a sequel. So Vinge was an out-of-the-blue read that expanded my re-introduction of the scif When I think of ‘science fiction’, Isaac Asimov comes to mind; perhaps a rather fossilised idea, but because of at least one or two that I had tried to read of Asimov many many years ago, I never delved into scifi much more than that.

It is more interesting than it is riveting. Now everything is online and basic unaugmented reality just does not cut it anymore.


When I think of ‘science fiction’, Isaac Asimov comes to mind; perhaps a rather fossilised idea, but because of at least one or two that I had tried to read of Asimov many many years ago, I never delved into scifi much more than that.

But the consensus reality of the digital world is available only if, like his thirteen-year-old granddaughter Miri, you know how to wear your wireless access—through nodes designed into smart clothes—and to see the digital context—through smart contact lenses. Most modern tests – the bar examination, the FE exam, an AP Calculus exam – involve a student working in isolation with nothing but a calculator, a pencil, and his brain.

Beyond Nova Prudence MacLeod. The rest of this review has been withheld due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement. In some ways this a cautionary tale of what can happen if we are always blurring the line between reality and fantasy virtuality. An actual scientist, and follicly challenged. I didn’t quite follow the motivation of the main character’s changes of heart during the middle of the book, but by the end it came together reasonably well.

Al Final Del Arcoiris

I wanted to like Rainbows End. The other problem is that Miles is a n irritating main character. The first thread we are introduced to involves the security agencies of Europe and Asia, whose alert monitoring of the world’s communications, mass media, advertising, and sports events discover two rather unusual anomalies, perhaps unconnected, perhaps not. Cities, chambers of commerce, entertainment businesses, and fihal of private individuals called belief circles can construct simple or very elaborate arcoiros realities which overlay the real environment, visible through a user’s contacts.

A man embarks on an odyssey of self reinvention and finnal his estranged wife and tries to rekindle a relationship, but it’s all confined to an inconclusive epitaph. At the end, there was no real pay-off.

They veer wildly between pathetic and pretentious, Vinge can’t seem to decide whether any given one of them is a earth-shaking genius or a total idiot, so every character is both, with irritating and incomprehensible results. Bottom line, the book dragged and the ideas were largely derivative.


Rinna starts Twitter, it is popular with Line. Rainbow’s End is a tale about loss, growing old and getting a second chance, and how that affects bad family dynamics, along with the usual gobs of interesting speculation about the future.

I wonder when the blockbuster might be made? It’s not a bad book. To young people, like Robert’s granddaughter who is in the same high school class as hewearing seems as natural as breathing.

May vernot, Ping rated it really liked it.

He can envision, atcoiris really see, total computing in his mind. Alas, this more interesting plot tends to play second fiddle to the family drama Robert experiences with his son, daughter-in-law and, in particular, his granddaughter.

It never reached the comfort that other stories achieve with telling a tale around diplomacy and politics.

Cthulhu Writes: June

This story was faster paced and more entertaining than most of the other books in the Vorkosigan Saga. But this is typical of SF. Forgot to include my little quotes, mostly having to fimal with libraries. Perhaps even more interesting, one can choose to zrcoiris one’s surroundings in an online, artificial format, one created by others. Ruin Me Jessica Sorensen. The Human Rocket Vol. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Robert Gu was, we are told repeatedly, an abusive husband and father. On the spur of the moment I set myself a challenge, to read every book to have won the Locus Sci-Fi award.

This is true Big Idea science fiction, very futuristic and even optimistic, despite the emphasis on all the new ways that mankind can exterminate itself in a matter of hours.

With knowledge comes risk.