Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Akbar-nama Of Shaikh Abu-l Fazal Language English. Book. The Akbarnama of Abul Fazl (In Three Volumes) [H. Beveridge] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Language: Complete English Translation. : The Akbar Nama of Abu-l-Fazl (in 3 Vols. Bound in Two) ( ): H. Beveridge: Books.

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He might also cur- tail occasional verbiage. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. I have endeavoured to do my best, and I have sought assistance in many quarters. After Akbar’s death inthe manuscript remained in the library of his son, Jahangir r. Return to Book Page. Foreword by the General Secretary v-vi 3.

I am sorry that they are so many and so important, but it is envlish that I have found them and acknowledged them. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The Akbarnama of Abul Fazl (In Three Volumes)

He is often prolix, and often unduly concise and darkly allusive. Norton, the Indian Barrister, might remain a costly tool without a handle. I soon found, however, that the translation was too abridged to be made the basis of my work, and that it was necessary to execute a new version.


Abul Fazl is besotted with Akbar — sincerely, not as a ‘flatterer’; which isn’t a negative, for this too conveys to us Akbar’s charisma and his style of kingship. It also produces rich details about the traditions and culture of the people living in India.

Viewed times since 29th Sep, I do not think that it would repay any one to read through my translation of the Akbarnama, and I very much doubt if any one will do so. Since completing the translation, I have seen a remarkable MS. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Simran Choudhary rated it really liked it Oct 03, Unfortunately this was not done due to a variety of causes, the most serious of which was a period of quiescence which occurred in the activities of the Society during this time.

He had raised Abu-l-Fazl and his family from indigence and obscurity to affluence and power. G, Ellis of the British Museum, Mr.

Very little is known about the writer of this Akbarnama. His one merit—and it is one which englihs specially claims for himself—is his laboriousness. Keep up the great work guys! The Akbarnama which translates to Book of Akbaris the official chronicle of the reign of Akbarthe third Mughal Emperor r.


The Akbarnama

Want to Read saving…. He then goes on to describe the sixteen subclasses which come from intermarriage among the main four.

He seldom tells a story with out spoiling it. It took some more time for correction, revision, preparation of List of Contents, Abbreviations and Additional Errata and Addenda to the index. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. His style too, seems—at least to “Western eyes—to be quite detestable, being full of circumlocutions, and both turgid and obscure. Prefatory Note to Index I regret that I have been obliged to make two long lists of Errata and Addenda.

According to the Abul Fazl Humayuan, the second Mughal emperor and Akbar’s father, is praying to the Ka’ba, an islamic holy place, for a successor to eng,ish Mughal empire. Share our website with your friends.