La ajorca de oro. 0 references. author · Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. 0 references. country of origin · Spain. 0 references. narrative location · Toledo. 0 references. Format: audio. Language: spa. Time. Date: Early 21st century; Period: Early 21st century. Temporal: st; 21st; 21st century. Provenance. Identifier. “THE GOLDEN BRACELET” / “LA AJORCA DE ORO”, GUSTAVO ADOLFO BÉCQUER (A Legend of Toledo) I She was beautiful, beautiful with the kind of.

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Below their vantage — point, the Tajo was flowing around the rocks which form the seat of this imperial city. Write a new comment. She was capricious, capricious and extravagant, like all women.

La Ajorca de oro

The dying lamps that flickered in the darkness, like stars lost in the shadows, made his vision waver so that everything seemed to fluctuate: But it is not yours, and it will never, ever be yours Kindle Edition9 pages. But there he was, and he was undoubtedly there in order to carry out a criminal act. It looks like a circle ajjorca stars plucked from a summer night.

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Pedro tried to keep moving; he arrived at the gate and climbed to the first step of the main chapel.

LA AJORCA DE ORO LEYENDA DE BECQUER by Casto Plasencia y Maestro on artnet

Quotes from La Ajorca de oro. Michael Lloyd-Billington rated it liked it Dec 26, On the same day when the conversation which we have just described took place, in the Cathedral of Toledo they were celebrating the last magnificent Octave of the Virgin.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Then, when thousands of silver lamps emit streams of light; when a cloud of incense floats in the air; when the voices of the chorus, the harmony of the organ, and the bells of the towers shake the building from its deepest foundations to its highest steeples, that is when, on hearing this, one realizes God is present in the cathedral and that He animates it with His breath and fills it with the reflection of His divine omnipotence.


But in order to do that, he would first have to open his eyes, and Pedro was afraid to see; he was afraid to see the statue, the tombs of the kings and the gargoyles on the cornices, the mythical monsters resting on the columns, and the faint rays of light that were moving like ghosts through the naves which were filled with strange, frightening noises. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Sonia rated it liked it Sep 24, Maria Laura rated it it was amazing Sep 11, Other lesser-known, but none less valuable, works include his “Cartas Desde mi Celda” “Letters from my Cell” and “Cartas Literarias a una Mujer” “Literary Epistles to a Woman” which adopt an intimate, contemplative style similar to Thoreau in “Walden.

Pedro looked down at the waters of the Tajo with a glum expression, his eyes fixed on the current that continued to flow past their vantage — point, past the rocks which formed the foundation of their city.

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ajorcq With that thought fixed in my mind, the night seemed endless Lauren rated it liked it Oct 21, Are you just going to bow your head in silence? Saints, monks, priests, angels, devils, warriors, ladies, and acolytes were now gathered around him, occupying the naves and the altars. We tried to charge your subscription, but the payment failed. Cookies help us deliver our services.


Vane rated it it was ok Feb 17, But if the cathedral always seems grand and imposing when we enter its mysterious, holy sanctuary, it is never quite as impressive as on ajorcw days when it is decorated for a religious festival, when its tabernacles are covered with gold and jewelry, its steps with carpets, and its pillars with tapestries. An essential figure in the canon of Hispanic letters, and an obligatory reading in any Spanish-language High School, he is today considered the founder of modern Spanish lyricism.

Ella era caprichosa, caprichosa: Museo Nacional del Prado. Please try again later. I left the church and came home, but I came with that image ajorc in my mind.

But even then, sometimes nearby sometimes far away, sometimes behind zjorca back and then at his side, there were sounds like repressed sobs, like the sound of cloth rubbing, like the noise of steps that ceaselessly come and go. Do you see it? I looked away and started praying again Want to Read saving…. He was associated with the post-romanticism movement and wrote while realism was enjoying success in Spain.

Leyendas: La ajorca de oro

Perhaps pro was the product of an imagination that, in its excitement, hears things which are not there. Around this chapel were tombs with the stone image of former kings who, with their hand resting on the hilt of their sword, seemed to watch over this sanctuary in whose dark shadows they were resting for eternity.

La catedral estaba sola, completamente sola, y sumergida en un silencio profundo.