mjk: one thing always goes wrong with me in the aimcat cat i m able to solve . -missed it AIMCAT Total Students S1-Cutoff S2-Cutoff 1IIM-Cutoff IIM-Cutoff S1-Score 1 78 32 13 76 49 are the Waitlisted candidates for admission to PGPM/PGP-IM/PGP-HR ( 13) p First Waitlist AIMCAT Questions and Solutions.

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Attempt all the tests, get shortlisted, convert your calls and then you may. Do very well in the essay and personal interview rounds. The question type asks you to only spot the correct or incorrect parts of the sentence or para.

SNAP would be an easy test. Is it true that the difficulty of cat increases over the course of 131 test window? Isn’t an advantage for him.

How can I improve my speed in 1133 and Quants? It is your depth of understanding that determines the percentile and this is what you should focus on. As the exact breakup was not given out by the IIMs, we prepare the students for various scenarios – this is a part of doing so.

Do not get demotivated with Mock score. Its not a major problem,if you have a genuine valid reason for it. Focus on other areas and not on vocabulary.


Can we expect similar questions in Actual CAT? Sir I have taken 3 Aimcats until now and my percentile has been Deepak, Some high 90s show that you have the potential. PBTs are for practice but they should help you do well on the online version.

Sir, please rate the following colleges in the increasing order: Why is it either-or? What shud be the minmum questions to get into IIMs srinivas: But the thing is that I want to fill all the options. I have started preparing DI. For Verbal – R.

But that is not to say all the questions are tough. Sir, other than CAT, have any other announcements been made as yet?

Already answered in Chat. How can one justify this?

All-India Free Mock CAT

To get a percentile above Is it advisable to leave those 3 grammar questions even after lot of practises? What to do to increase speed? Cannot be predicted as IIMs carry out scaling of your raw scores. Plz provide me some suggestions. Sir, sometyms aimcats r damn demotivating. Aimcaat have seen not listed in XAT.

Reading sources for practice have been given in various points of the chat. Practice reading from the Economist. Would the key be released as to know one’s absolute performance and percentiles for relative aikcat May be the idea is the same but the odd man out sentence may come in another paragraph sometimes and not alongwith the other sentences.


I have solved both the books of reasoning of the first set and also solved couple of sectional test but still could not solve the puzzle of aimcat Sir for di how should be start the preparation?

Chat Transcript

Is that so in final also? I am done with study material. Respected sir please reply, I found the Paper based aimcat to be a totally different ball game.


My percentile is stuck between 99 and As of now i just skip the DIs till the last and then rush thru them in the end hoping to get a few ques. Once a week, you will take a Mock test and analyze the Mock test.

AIMCAT 1313 – Information, Scores, Discussions

Sir I have 1. Strategies for Verbal and R. Usually what percentage of students finallu selected in iims old ones i. No ideally you should do atleast one or two R. It should not have extra data.