Agranat Commission of Inquiry Interim Report (April ) il/news/politics/ Chapter 1: Preface. 1. Israel finally releases the late prime minister’s testimony before the Agranat in advance but did not properly pass information along, declassified report says. The Agranat Commission’s reports were ferociously debated on the front pages of newspapers, on radio and television, by every cab driver and shopkeeper.

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A great deal of time was wasted because air command could not decide whether to attack air bases or SAM missile installations. The Army “, clarifying the IDF’s legal status.

Agranat Commission – Wikipedia

The lack of definition of responsibilities that is current in the area of defense, an area second to none in critical importance, makes effective action difficult, detracts from focusing legal authority and even causes lack of clarity and confusion in the public Later critics argued that the Cabinet’s authority stemmed from the IDF Orderwhich authorised the Minister of Defence to set up the army.

Israelis can only hope lessons were truly learned. Newly elected Member of Knesset and one of the Likud founders, Reserve General Ariel Sharon gave a newspaper interview in which he was quoted as saying that he would disobey orders that he felt were against the interests of the State or his subordinates. Israeli Military in politics. It became clear to us The mandate of the commission was to investigate the intelligence gathering activities prior to the war as well as the war readiness of the IDF and military decisions made during the war.


The Agranat Commission Hebrew: Golda Meir protocols from Agranat Commission released. One again, the report was written as if the Agranat Commission had no knowledge of the existence of Ashraf Marwan, and did not know that Zeira’s report was based on information received from Marwan only the previous day.

Judgment in Jerusalem

Marwan has wrongly been cast as a Mossad agent in several repirt, but he was not. In that year, which marked the twentieth anniversary of the war, the newspaper demanded that the government declassify the contents of the report about which the public was most curious.

This report caused public uproar and unhappiness in the army.

Between Battle and Ballots: Israeli commissions and inquiries Yom Kippur War. Moreover, the Israeli press reeport large chunks of it word-for-word. Publication of the report led to the resignation of Zeira from the army.

She was asked first to agrahat about the warning signs to the war. For example, on 1 October and again on 3 OctoberLieutenant Benjamin Siman Yovorder of battle intelligence officer for the Southern Command, gave his superior Lt Colonel Gadalia documents indicating Egypt’s war preparations.

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Though they had the ability to launch a limited war, they knew perfectly well that Israel would not feel itself bound by the rules of that game, and a limited war would quickly escalate into a general one. The conclusions of the report inspired the creation of an advisor to repodt Prime Minister on intelligence matters, and of a special AMAN military intelligence unit tasked with the creation of a situation evaluation that is the opposite of the accepted one.

Particular criticism relates to its exoneration of the country’s political leadership, especially Defense Minister Dayan.

They were standing on Saturday. At the beginning of a word, it has a dot in it and is pronounced “Kaf.


The final part of the report was published on 30 January Meir said in her testimony that at the airport she received another report about the Syrian army bolstering forces and beginning of a military drill in Egypt. But the air force did not take into account that Egyptian aircraft were now kept safely in underground bunkers rather than in above ground hangars or deployed in the open. The state commission of inquiry was set up to investigate the war chaired by Chief Justice Simon Agranat, the Agranat Commission shook the Israeli political system to its foundation.

This site is a part of the Zionism and Israel on agrant Web Project. This promise was set down as the basis for defense plans of the IDF.

Agranat Commission

Among agranta things, this phase of rreport report focused on disciple in the units and in the emergency warehouse. The Agranat Commission’s reports were ferociously debated on the front pages of newspapers, on radio and television, by every cab driver and shopkeeper across the country. They argued that the Basic Law: Gordon, Samuel, 30 Hours in October: Regarding the direct responsibility of the policy makers, the Agranat report praised the functioning of Prime Minister Golda Meir.

I can understand that there are sources you really have to preserve, but sometimes we were over guarded, like in this matter.