Jake Linley has always been waiting and watching on the sidelines for Lydia Craven. He can only see but not touch as she is the beloved daughter of wealthy . “Against the Odds” by Lisa Kleypas. Though he likes Lord Wray, he also envies him for winning Lydia because Jake Linley knows she is the prize. When a. Lisa Kleypas Against the Odds Prologue If any man knew how to hold his liquor, it was Jake Linley. God knew he’d had a lot of practice at.

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I couldn’t relate to the characters with all the presumed knowledge of one another and the quick hard-love-engagement didn’t convince me in the least. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Against the Odds Jake Linley has always been waiting and watching on the sidelines for Lydia Craven.

Also, klegpas the defeat, he chose to save Stryder from another assassination attempt these attempts are like breathing for Stryder!

Where’s My Hero? by Lisa Kleypas

Like, at one point, Ned imagines Lydia pregnant with his child. I finished the story with a huge grin on my face, and that’s a good thing. The other, probably the younger and not-as-beautiful-as-the-elder-sister one falls for Ned. I don’t know if readers who haven’t would miss any background info to enjoy it, though. I guess I should probably blame that on the fact that this is a novella. Kenna is hurt thinking they made fun of her but Oisa takes her somewhere out and proves her of his love.

I’ll do a full review after I read it again and the rating may change but Agxinst remember there is a fun poem at the end of the novella, typical JQ stuff, worth a reading at least for that. Surprisingly – for me, at least – Kleypas’s story was my least favorite.

Lydia’s quite crazy about Jake but there was a misunderstanding between the two which led her to believe Jake doesn’t care for her in any way, he isn’t even attracted to her.

With its airy prose and sparkling wit, Quinn’s “A Tale of Two Sisters” is a small lleypas in an anthology that, while inconsistent in quality and setting, never fails to entertain.


The Ravenels, Book 4.

Quotes from Where’s My Hero? Kenna originally wanted to meet Stryder but it’s Simon, who’s also Stryder’s kind of a personal secretary writes his letters and stuffs as Stryder is a busy first-class knight and illiteratetalks to her. There are a couple of minor but interesting surprises along the way, and many of Kleypas readers will find the time we get to spend with Lydia’s parents, Sara and Derek from Dreaming of You, one of her most popular novels is lida delectable icing atop this cake.

Against the Odds (in “Where’s My Hero?”)

Otherwise, Simon was a man who loves to help and protect the ones he loves. I had a good laugh knowing Derek was still that Derek, who knows everything about everyone. Kkeypas, could this be the right thing to do when chosing a husband? The best entry in this collection, however, is Quinn’s bright and breezy Regency-era romance between dashing Ned Blydon from Splendid and down-to-earth Charlotte Thornton, his fiancee’s sister.

Where’s My Hero? – Lisa Kleypas – review – Punya Reviews

Stryder proved to be a complex character, I’m really interested in his book. But it kleyaps very nice to revisit Derek and Sara Dreaming of Youwho are one of my all-time favorite couples. Then enter Kenna, Edward’s sister. Start reading Where’s My Hero? My review contains spoilers and they’re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book Both the daring doctor and his math-minded counterpart, Lydia Craven, hold appeal, but their sudden avowal of love two days before Lydia’s thr to another man feels forced and far-fetched.

Having never read this author I had no expectation but I found myself enjoying the characters and the story and will work to get this series off the TBR list!

Oct 13, Tarsis klepas it liked it Shelves: You would wait until thirty-eight hours before my wedding to tell me this! To ask other readers questions about Where’s My Hero?

I also find some of her “heroes” so controlling, domineering, ruthless and malicious that they strike me more as villains, and she tends to feed into the damaging and, i I’ve always had strangely conflicting feelings about Lisa Kleypas’ work. The Other Miss Bridgerton: But, we’ve seen Simon in almost all the MacAllister books so far.

I know I met Dr. She met Simon a year ago, klepyas her brother died. Namun di detik-detik terakhir, ia malah menemukan cinta sejatinya dalam hitungan jam. The story is quite simple but there are loads of information regarding Simon and the introduction to the Brotherhood of the Swords.


He was imprisoned and tortured in Outremer, along with Stryder and another guy, Edward. It has two sweet love scenes. The mathematically brainy Lydia and Wray are a good intellectual match, but they get along like friends or brother and sister, not like a couple in love. But, as they knew, everyone expected Kenna to marry Stryder oddss when they return, they find both king Henry II and Malcolm present, not only for the jousting ceremony that’s taking place but also for Kenna and Stryder’s marriage.

Just not as much depth as jleypas maybe that is the novella problem and not as much story. Not all fellow reviewers loved it, of wgainst, but somehow it just worked for me on every level, and I’ll be rereading it Nov 02, Desi rated it really liked it Shelves: But Kenna is a simple girl, by which I mean she has no complexity in her character.

With its airy prose oisa sparkling wit, Quinn’s ahainst Tale of Two Sisters” is a small gem in an anthology that, while inconsistent in quality and setting, never fails to entertain. That isn’t to say that the book won’t be a agsinst money-making machine for Avon-it will-but that the authors have listened to their readers and here revisit their most asked-about supporting characters. She also knows of his rakish ways.

The romance of Lydia and Jake is okay, but Sara and Derek are amazing even in cameo. However, familiarity with the author’s knack for filling the most trite storyline with interesting characters I was game to read this short.

A Tale of Two Sisters is very much the same, a funny smart girl and a sightly wicked but essentially nice guy who fall in love with eachother.

It was good, but I think it could’ve been better if it had been written as a full-length novel.