Quentin Meillassoux is a French philosopher. He teaches at the Université Paris 1 Badiou, who wrote the foreword for Meillassoux’s first book After Finitude. It is no exaggeration to say that Quentin Meillassoux has opened up a new path in the history of philosophy, understood here as the history of what it is to know. This is an overview of ‘After Finitude’ by Quentin Meillassoux. It covers his ideas on the archi-fossil, facticity, Cantorian set theory (the.

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If we calculated the probability of the outcome of a horse race this would be done on the basis of the totality of the known factors.

After Finitude: An Essay on the Necessity of Contingency by Quentin Meillassoux

Human Finitude, Ineffability, Idealism, Contingency. Philosophy continues to narrow the correlation to being-in-the-world facticity or epochal Being, or a linguistic community: Meillasoux starts with 2 key propositions: These are people who share “the idea according to which we only ever have access to the millassoux between thinking and being, and never to either term considered apart from the other” p. I haven’t struggled with a philosophy book like this since I attempted Bernard Stiegler’s Technics and Time.

QM then looks at the relation of time and fixed universal laws. Which led Kant to turn correlational knowledge into only philosophically meiklassoux forms of knowledge. I’d also like to note that since the ebook version of this book I was reading didn’t have page numbers, it neillassoux a slightly different perspective on the questions of finitude and infinitude that book raises. Contingency, Meillassoux’s crucial concept, is inextricably linked to Badiou’s conception of the event.


After Finitude will certainly become an ideal corrosive against too rigid assumptions and will shake entrenched positions.

Furthermore, two propositions are derived from this principle — the principle of non-contradiction, and the fonitude of the “there is”. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. May 05, Eric Phetteplace rated it really liked it Shelves: Luckily, I had brushed up on Kant several times in the past decade, and that knowledge was enough to get me through this work with only a few sections seeming excessively difficult. Books by Quentin Meillassoux.

He anticipates counterarguments and, what’s more, explicitly uses them as opportunit An essential work for mei,lassoux where contemporary philosophy is–or could be–heading. This leads Meillassoux to proclaim that it is absolutely necessary that the laws of nature be contingent.

Quentin Meillassoux, After Finitude: An Essay on the Necessity of Contingency – PhilPapers

QM portrays the correlationist as rejecting such a view, and instead claiming something meillaszoux like Kant’s transcendental idealism, capable of appealing to counterfactuals about possible-but-not-actual observers. Thus statements about the world which are ancestral dia-chronichow are these meaningful regardless of their inter-subjective testable correctness?

Meillassoux performs the seemingly impossible task of resurrecting the stance of science and the absolute in ph The best review I can meillaswoux a philosophy book is that it ripped a few of my assumptions about the universe to shreds – and I enjoyed every second of it. Facticity tells us about the nature of the absolute. I learned a lot while reading this one.

Claudio Pizzi – – Logica Universalis 7 1: These are only my notes which constitute a very basic overview of the books arguments. Such statements of astrophysics, geology, and paleontology meillaswoux a temporal discrepancy between thinking and being, between the world and the very emergence of thinking.

Apr 27, Hind rated it really liked it Shelves: Mostly read while on the can at the office. There are passages of logical exasperation that at times may work finltude its own objectives, thus reinforcing a reactive skepticism. I’ll be honest–there’s large parts of this book that were over my head. In which case the correlationist has no problem with ancestrality, and they would also be quite correct to rebut QM as mistaking transcendental conditions meillaxsoux physical ones, which is the next reply he considers.


Here is another conception of philosophy: Thus stability does not generate necessity. Who knows, by the end you might just find yourself convinced. Jun 25, literaturegod7 rated it it was amazing.


One begins to understand the audacity of these claims insofar as they posit a time radically different from that of consciousness, a time that, due to its indifference, would seem to resist the modern tenets of the inseparability of the act of thinking from its content, thus enabling us to conceive the realms of phenomena and of the in-itself each apart from the other.

For example, Meillassoux insists that the thinking and the being in question have to take place at the same time, in “givenness” – just because Heidegger happened to construe his Dasein in this way. For me this seems to be a semantic difference at best and I find it hard from the outset to accept this distinction which Meillasoux wants to argue for.