After on Start reading After on your Kindle in under a minute. . After by Amy Efaw is a well-researched examination of teen pregnancy and. They say that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. This time, though, the cover was the reason why I decided to pick up After, flip it over, and find. During Devon’s declination hearing, Jenifer starts to question how she raised Devon. She is convinced that it is her fault that Devon abandoned.

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Nothing, nothing can excuse this line: I admired her bravery and her strength.

A world in a juvenile detention facility under observation hours a day. This is painfully real. Meyakinkan diri sendiri terus-menerus bahwa dia tidaklah hamil. But then it didn’t. Who could do such a thing? The chapters are pretty small Estimated about There might be a little over 30 chapters. Devon’s turnaround at the end. aym

And Devon is finally able to understand what she did, and own it, internalize it, and feel the guilt and responsibility that go with that. Everyone has heard stories of young mothers, unable to cope with motherhood, who give birth and leave their newborn babies in dumpsters, etc. They en Props to Amy Bj.


Polisi yang menyelidiki kasus tersebut mendapati Devon membolos sekolah dan demam. After tells the tale of a teenage girl jailed after dumping her baby in a trash can.

Better to read the inspirational story of a Dumpster Baby who grew up to be a wonderful and happy person, right? I did like the writing style as well as the characters. After having it at efqw house –untouched– for almost two and a half weeks, I finally got around to reading it.


She says she had JUST gotten home, and said Devon might know something, all the while flirting with the officers. Devon adalah anak tunggal yang dibesarkan oleh orangtua tunggal. Ibunya, Jennifer Davenport, melahirkan dia ketika masih remaja. View all 9 comments. Masa remaja adalah masa awal di mana seseorang masuk ke tahap pendewasaan. When a baby suddenly Another disappointment, courtesy of NPR.

This book made me understand why a woman, or rather, a year-old girl with huge issues concerning parents and self-image, would commit such an utterly unforgivable crime when there’re people like me who have no greater fear on this earth than losing a child.

AFTER by Amy Efaw | Kirkus Reviews

Loved her lawyer, even loved some of the girls in detention. About After An infant left in the trash to die. Sadly, the aamy never gets there, and I found the ending especially horrible. I like this idea overall, and think it’s ripe for exploration in novel form.


After by Amy Efaw | : Books

A teenage mother who never knew she was pregnant. Washington the state United States.

I have got to stop choosing books based on NPR reviews. Nov 15, Annemarie rated it liked it Shelves: After is the type of novel that will stick with me for a long time. At the end, though, was where I think she truly earned it. It’s about giving birth and being a mom to a baby no matter how you feel about that pregnancy.

Kalo di sini, kita kerap menonton berita tentang kasus bayi yg ditemukan di tong sampah.

After yang diberi judul Setelah Malam Itu oleh Gramedia, adalah satu dari sekian banyak buku aftfr mencerminkan kasus yang dialami oleh sebagian besar remaja di dunia. I didn’t want to stop reading.