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AFI. Number: Changes Note: AFI_AFGM Link to Policy : Find the most up-to-date version of AFI at Engineering SUBJECT: Air Force Guidance Memorandum (AFGM) to AFI , .. NOTE: Reference AFI , Administrative Separation of Airmen.

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Counseling does not mean therapy or assistance in understanding problems.

In a smaller service, the Coast Guard or Marine Corps, it is likely that some of the people in the room will have served with each adi or the commanding officer who appointed the board. Ask to have the voir dire recorded.

In almost all cases, when the notice is presented or soon afterwards, a senior enlisted person or officer from the command will urge or warn servicemembers to waive ati rights in the discharge proceeding. The rules of evidence do not apply in these proceedings, which means that commands —and respondents — can introduce almost any form of evidence. Beginning in the summer ofcases must be reviewed and approved by a flag or general afii if members make such an assertion.

Until a few years ago, personality disorders aafi a very common reason for ODPMC discharge, often for those with more serious disorders and sometimes for those simply viewed as troublemakers.

These are serious proceedings, but the lack of strict rules of evidence provides an opportunity for creative advocacy. For board members, this is an additional duty, a bit like jury duty, pulling them away from their primary duties. Notification of Discharge and Acknowledgment of Rights In most services, the first formal step in the discharge process is notification of servicemembers, though notification follows command recommendation in the Air Force.

In addition or in the alternative, civilian counsel or counselors can assist in preparing statements. Know the regulations, know the facts and you will get a better result for your client.

Although commands may have had the opportunity to create adverse records and a biased picture of 36-308 before and during the discharge proceedings, they almost never have opportunity to contribute to the discharge review process. Most military defense counsel serve in separate defense commands and are not under the command of the accusers.


AFI Administrative Separation Of Airmen | Air Force Counseling Online

These officers, too, may want to avoid scrutiny of sloppy command procedures or command misconduct, and may be concerned about the possibility of discharge review or litigation. Factual mistakes and under-evaluation of performance in psychiatric reports should be challenged with documentary evidence — inspection results, log entries, preliminary forms of performance evaluations and the like — and statements from co-workers, superiors, and other personnel in a position to observe performance.

Creative requests may reveal some of agi impropriety — a hunt for records may show, for example, that preliminary performance evaluations showed stellar performance by soldiers whose supervisors later described them as inept or unskilled after some incident triggered a desire to get rid of them.

Commands unofficially encourage waiver of all rights, and military counsel may point out, rightly, that statements make little or no difference in most cases.

A pattern of misconduct consisting solely of minor disciplinary infractions. A provision of the National Defense Authorization Act provides some additional protection to women subjected to retaliatory involuntary discharges after making sexual assault complaints.

It wasn’t easy either ugh.

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The proscribed misconduct must relate to 1 illegal discrimination based on race, creed, color, sex, religion, 366-3208 national origin; or 2 advocating the use of force or violence against any federal, state, or local government or agency thereof, in violation of federal, state or local laws.

On rare occasions, the acts are defensible as inevitable consequences of the medical condition. Conviction by civilian authorities or action taken that is fai to a finding of guilty, including similar adjudications in juvenile proceedings and the following conditions are present: PT Failure admin discharge I believe that is correct been in 8 years.

Occasionally, this will cause commands wfi rethink their objective of obtaining a bad discharge. I can run decent and the rest but my waist is horrible.


In these cases, counsel, counselor and clients may wish to raise violation of the applicable regulations, which will trigger an investigation of the reprisal and the handling of the original complaint made by the servicemembers, and often of the underlying issue about which they complained. Commands and even military doctors may grab any available symptom to justify a diagnosis, and close scrutiny may show that the symptoms fit depression, PTSD, or healthy anger 36-33208 sexual harassment far better than an avoidant personality disorder or adjustment disorder.

Immediately following the hasty training is deployment to Afghanistan, where he af his first taste of combat.

AFI 36-3208 Administrative Separation Of Airmen

These diagnoses often mask 36-3028 serious psychological, neurological or other medical problems that warrant disability discharge or retirement.

While unsatisfactory performance may be due to one flaw in a member’s abilities, it is shown as a rule, in more than one way. Notification Procedure Discharges First Steps: This determination is normally made by the JAG command as well. They may be assured that they will retain their VA benefits with the recommended discharge, whether or not afl is true, and that this is the best deal they could possibly get. For some discharges, particularly misconduct based upon a serious offense or drug abuse, no rehabilitation is required prior to discharge processing, and the only counseling will be a notation, shown to the member for acknowledgment, that discharge is being recommended.

The regulations are relatively precise, mistakes are common, and command failure to follow the more important provisions of the regs may offer a basis to prevent or overturn involuntary discharges.