Take our free online SIFT Practice Test below and learn instantly where you Selection Instrument for Flight Training (SIFT) Sample Questions. Prep for the SIFT Test MBBC Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. This section was almost exactly like the AFOQT hidden figures test. To prepare for this I practiced with the ARCO and Barron’s study guides.

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Takeoff from a slope in a helicopter with skid-type landing gear is normally accomplished by. Being an ME major definitely helped for math and physics. Posted 25 September – High altitude, high temperature, and high arast content contribute to a tdst density altitude condition that lessons helicopter performance. Another applicant who tested at the same time as I did, had studied helicopter aerodynamic manuals possibly Prouty?

There is a minimum for a reason This movement is generally referred to as translating tendency or drift. Art Of The Early Americas. I took it multiple times using different email addresses. Advertise Advertise on VR. Lower the collective, apply aft cyclic.

Posted 23 August – My flight experience currently is Fixed wing, commercial single and multi engine acast IFR certified. I cannot tell you how many issues I had with those books being wrong is so many places, I literally cut pages and made my own book from the pieces of information I knew was right.

AFAST Scores

Bringing the helicopter to a level attitude before completely leaving ground. The upward bending of the rotor blades resulting from the combined forces of lift and centrifugal force is known as. Not to be self righteous but I’m not a dumb guy and the actual AFAST test compared to what is in all the books I read about it are significantly different, and it is much harder than the books suggest.


I’ve seen high scores pass flight school, and I’ve seen low scores succeed in flight school. I have a master’s degree and when I was enlisted I had a GT score. True airspeed may afwst roughly computed by adding to the indicated airspeed, 2 percent of the indicated airspeed for each 1, feet of altitude above sea level.

I just got a on my AFAST, so im curious how that stacks up to other people, since there is no percentile based score for it. Back to top 10 tparrotte tparrotte PVT Poster. The exact location and length of the of the CG range is specific for each helicopter but it usually extends a short distance fore and aft of the main rotor mast. The book doesn’t have much on the AFAST except for a practice exam, I would just copy the test and answer sheets and take the book back.

Please view the flashcard to rate practie. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Anyone happen to know if its possible to get a board meeting there? Don’t waste your money.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I hope that helps give some relative idea as to what works at least back pracrice A pleasant B exciting C late at night D superb 3. Density altitude refers to a theoretical air density that exists under standard conditions at a given altitude. If at all possible I want to get my board meeting done before that so I can have my packet submitted while I am at school in Guam, and if I get accepted then ill just spring the cash to come back.

SIFT/AFAST Online Practice Test : Armyaviation

Army Aviation Information Test. Tewt does the job. Spending time with more in-depth practice material is a great way to improve on this score range.


May seem like alot but its important. I also don’t recall anyone less than either What sections did you focus on? So don’t worry about getting a good grade. Thanks for such post and please keep it up. I have no idea where he is. If the helicopter is moving forward the advancing blade will be in the. Testing someone’s aptitude is an attempt to quantify how well they know or can learn something.

In the case of the AFAST, the Army wants to know what is your likely success of grasping the theoretical and practical knowledge required for flight, by testing your ability to answer questions on concepts and knowledge that relate to flying helicopters. You currently have javascript disabled. For the following questions, choose either the word which best completes the sentence, or choose the answer that could only be inferred from the passage itself. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

However, practicing the wrong content or using a badly produced SIFT study guide will not help your chance of success. Posted 30 October – Since this process is taking so long I signed back up for college to get some more done while I’m waiting for this. The Army has determined that a score of 90 or above on the test indicates that the individual is likely to succeed in the training.

Dissymmetry of lift is created by horizontal flight or by wind during hovering flight. This movement is called. I found it to be a huge help.