– Tertullianus – Adversus Praxeam. Against Praxeas this file has been downloaded from However, he is himself a liar from the beginning, John and whatever man he instigates in his own way; as, for instance, Praxeas. For he was the first to. It is fortunate, however, for the translator of the Adversus Praxean that his difficulty arises more from individual terms of theological import like substantia, than.

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The corruption spm for xpm is found elsewhere also.

It is therefore by His mighty works, and by the words of His doctrine, that the Father who dwells in the Son makes Himself visible — even by those words and works whereby He abides in Him, and also by Him in whom He abides; the special properties of Both the Persons being apparent from this very circumstance, that He says, I am in the Fatherand the Father is in me.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. If, further, Christ is the Father, it is some one else ” who stablishes the Amos iv. Your throne, O Godis for ever and ever; the sceptre of Your kingdom is a sceptre of righteousness. But if the same was invisible before becoming flesh, how is He found to have been seen even in the past before He became flesh? We must not, however, because He is able to do all adversuus suppose that He has actually done what He has ppraxean done.

Adversus Praxean – Table of Contents – IntraText CT

The Pilgrimage of Etheria. It might be rendered “multitude” simply. As if, indeed, He which is to come were not almighty; whereas even the Son of the Almighty is as much almighty as the Son of God is God.


God, however, neither ceases to be, nor can be anything praxran. Then indeed did He answer and say unto them, The Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever things He does these also does the Son likewise.

Job xlii in our assumptions, we shall be able to imagine anything we like about God, as if He acted simply because He had the power to act. I have come in my Father’s name, and you have not received me. For these forms too are pro- jections of the natures from which they proceed.

Adversus Praxean liber = : Tertullian’s treatise against Praxeas

The primary witnesses, therefore, are:. Also to the same purport in another Psalm: We see two natures, not mixed, but joined together in one person, God and man, Jesus I postpone speaking 1 of Christ and so unimpaired is the special quality of both natures, that on the one hand spirit carried out its own operations in Him that is, deeds of power and works and signs and on the other hand flesh cf.

He lived and taught at Rome early in the third century, sharing the views of a contemporary, Noetus of Smyrna. For a barren woman to have a child against nature was no difficulty with God ; nor was it for a virgin to conceive.

Of that very thing, to be sure, of which they were making inquiry — whether He were the Christ of God. The date of his conversion is equally unknown, but it may be assigned to the period of mature manhood. Tertullian makes the point that one verse of scripture should not be interpreted contrary to many clear and definite verses. The object of this Series is to provide short, cheap, and handy textbooks for students, either working by themselves or in classes.

Praxeas – Wikipedia

But not so ; Jesus says unto her, Touch me not, for I am not yet ascended to my Father; but go to my brethren and even in this He proves Himself to be the Son; for if He had been the FatherHe would have called them His childreninstead of His brethrenand say asversus them, I ascend unto my Father and your Father, and to my God and your God.


It is safest to regard him as an early forerunner of a succession of Christian laymen, men like Pelagius, Marius Mercator, Junilius and Cassiodorus, who have had their share in building up the body of Christian doctrine.

For I ought to have a father, in order to be a son. The hereticsindeed, fearing to incur direct blasphemy against the Fatherhope to diminish it by this expedient: Then it amounts to an overthrow of the Peaxean, since it involves the destruction of the Creator. So also did the author of the Gospel of Peter Turner. If either the Father was speaking from heaven to the Son, although He Himself was the Son in the earth, or the Son was praying to the Father, cf.

What follows Philip’s question, and the Lord’s whole treatment of it, to the end of John’s Gospelcontinues to furnish us with statements of the same kind, distinguishing the Father and the Sonwith the properties of each. For they are not He Himself 1 whose they are said to praxen, but they are from Himself and belong to Himself. Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you.

He was opposed by Tertullian in his tract Against Praxeas Adversus Praxeanand was influential in preventing the Roman Church from granting recognition to the New Prophecy.