Established in as Acta Ornithologica Musei Zoologici Polonici, since continued under the present title. Published twice a year by the Natura Optima. Contents of Acta Ornithologica Vol. 40, No 2, Winter Campos F.1, Corchero -Gutiérrez F.2, Hernández M. A.3, Rivas J. M.4, López-Fidalgo J.5 Acta Ornithologica. Country, Poland – SIR icon SIR Ranking of Poland. H Index. Subject Area and Category, Agricultural and Biological Sciences.

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Repeatability estimates were 0. The first pair occupied the nest for 5—8 days, the second pair for one day, and probably only the third pair remained at the nest to actually breed.

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Moreover, migration dynamics from year to year at a given station were also remarkably similar, though this phenomenon was more distinct at the inland stations than at the coastal ones. Chlamydophila psittaci and Escherichia coli in the Sherbrooke Forest, south-eastern Australia. Evolution of the number of total citation per document and external citation per document i. Permanent papilionaceous crops, along with orjithologica stubbles, margin habitats, meadows ornitholoigca maize stubbles were preferentially used, whereas bare tillage and winter cereals were avoided.

Different pairs timed their breeding such that the beginning of the season from October to September of the next calendar year overlapped the dates ornithklogica completion from April to December. Interspecific competition did not appear to be important in the nest site use of hole-nesting birds in the study area.


The turnover of White Storks Ciconia ciconia on nests during spring migration. Corn Bunting, Miliaria calandrasong rate, seasonal pattern, territoriality.

Acta Ornithologica

Successful nests were significantly smaller and denser than those that were predated. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. With respect to nest site use, the Daurian Redstart behaved as a generalist while the Common Treecreeper specialized in long slits.

A comparison of common bird populations in Hamburg, Berlin and Warsaw. Join the conversation about this journal. Seasonal biometric differences between sex and age groups of the Graceful Warbler Prinia gracilis at Eilat, Israel.


Food of the Willow Warbler Phylloscopus trochilus nestlings: The selective penetration of such trees by predators ornithologicz reduces the frequency of nest building in them between the first pentads 1—3 and second pentads 4—6 period of the breeding season, despite the fact that they provide better concealment for nests.

From among Buzzards, were recorded in winter months November-February and in March. Nesting success was similar in both study plots, but there was slight seasonal variability: These, in turn, ornithologgica a greater amount of plants. The smallest ata of individuals 5. BoxValdivia, Chile. If you find incorrect information about this journal on our page, or if you would like to provide additional content, please check this box. The flock was taken as the sampling unit.

Acta Ornithologica – Wikipedia

Our administrator will review and update the journal description promptly. The percent of birds sitting on the ground amounted to Timing of breeding in the Feral Pigeon Columba livia f. Capercaillie, Tetrao urogallusgenetic variability, population structure, microsatellites. The age structure of the tree stands, the area of shrub coverage and the number of predators apart from squirrels were similar in both parks. The dominant food items were Diptera The core of the limb bone cortex of mammals and birds is made of rapidly deposited, fibro-lamellar bone tissue also present in non-avian theropodswhich is usually surrounded by an avascular outer circumferential layer OCL of slowly deposited parallel-fibered bone.


We analyzed 12 spectral parameters of whistles from 23 captive adult ducks 14 males and 9 females. The average length of a pair’s breeding season was days. The vertical distribution of 94 bird species was recorded in evergreen forest, and of 90 in moist deciduous forest. The nest height in tussocks of Juncus maritimus was greater.

Active management of fenland still in its natural state is therefore of paramount importance.

My comment includes revised information. This may explain the apparent absence of OCL in the ratites. Flock size decreased throughout winter, but, simultaneously, the number of territorial birds was stable. Duration of Peer Review: Interior Least Terns, Sterna antillarum athalassos, apparent nest success, flooding, nest losses, predator exclosures, Oklahoma.

Males brought heavier portions of food consisting of larger numbers of lighter prey. For distant communication, this species uses loud whistles.

Great Tit, Parus majornesting, nest size, hatching, ornithologia. It seems that Spanish populations are in opposition to the Bergmann’s rule predictions. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Untreated nests, with high numbers of parasites, were regarded as control nests. Actta polygynous males were recorded in ; this was unusual, because flooding in early June around the hatching date destroyed most of the broods. The non-excavators were best differentiated by their preferred hole type, and their tree use and nest site characters were mainly a consequence of the location of such holes.

One bird had a dislocated spinal column.

The remaining young birds had their first broods in the first or third calendar year of life. Abundance of thrushes decreased with winter progression. Flycatchers breeding in natural holes started laying eggs on average two days later 15 May and laid smaller clutches 6. The White-faced Whistling Duck is a waterfowl species lacking any differences in ornamentation, coloration, size or behavior between the sexes.