Elsewedy Cables proudly present the new product catalogue of different types of . the traditional ACSR conductor as it’s designed for continuous operating. Trapezoidal AAC, ACSR and ACSS conductor designs are listed in Compact aluminum and ACSR stranded conductor information may be found in the. CATALOGUE Aluminium Conductors Steel Reinforced. ACSR. Alüminyum Kaplı Çelik Özlü Alüminyum ACSR conductor may be manufactured for.

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Raccoon conductor is the BS standard. If you use the aluminium conductor steel reinforced cable, it can reduce your cost and increase the effectiveness. These are low resistance High Conductivity alloy conductors with excellent electrical characteristics, excellent sag-tension characteristics and superior corrosion resistance accsr that of ACSR.

acsr conductor-aluminium conductor steel reinforced-Huadong

This conductor has a minimum conductivity of Because the steel has strong strength, it can bear more weight. High strength to weight ratio Better sag catlaogue Improved electrical properties Excellent resistance to corrosion. Huadong Cable insist the quality first and service first. Get a free quote by E-mail: It can increase the carrying capacity.


Aluminium Conductors Steel Reinforced (ACSR ) Manufacturer

Now, catalgoue conductor steel reinforced cable is very popular, and it is used in the many cases. The inside core is steel, and it mainly increases the aluminum conductor steel reinforced cable. In addition, calculated D. Variable steel core stranding enables desired strength to be achieved without sacrificing ampacity.

It can not only increase the security performance of running equipment, but also reduce the power loss. Conductor acsr is the full form of aluminum conductor steel reinforced, and it strands aluminum conductor outside the steel.

Meanwhile, the aluminum conductor steel reinforced is high heat resistance and high conductivity. Aluminium conductor steel reinforced mainly used in the power industry.

Resistance Alum Steel Total Alum. Mechnically alloy wire — 3. As compared to ACSR they have lighter weight, comparable strength and current scsr capacity, lower electrical losses and superior corrosion resistance have given this conductor wide acceptance as a transmission conductor.

ACSR Conductor

It strands 26 aluminum with the diameter of 3. Get the free sample: Can catwlogue recycled easily. Now I will introduce you some acsr conductor types. Aluminium Wire Rods for various applications: Huadong Cable Group is a professional acsr conductor manufacturer in China. For uprating linesno modifications or reinforcement is required to the existing towers.


Your Phone Number Include the area code. High current carrying capacity. Offers optimal strength for line design Improved strength to weight ratio Ideal for extra long spans and heavy load conditions Excellent resistance to corrosion.

Then it can save the material and power. ACSR offers acsg strength for line design.

Aluminium & Alloy Conductors

In the acsr conductor catalogue, it has many acsr sizes. China has the cheapest acar in the world, and aluminum is the main material of aluminum conductor steel reinforced. Good mechanical properties Improved electrical characteristics Excellent corrosion resistance Better Sag properties.

Nominal aluminum area is 75 mm2, and sectional area of aluminum is If you adopt aluminum conductor steel reinforced, you can save the cost.