Estes resultados mostram que o teste de ELISA foi de maior sensibilidade (% i de sensibilidade) no diagnóstico do abscesso hepático amebiano, quando. Chaves L.C. Abscesso Amebiano do Fígado, Dissertação (Mestrado em Cirurgia Moraes L.A. Estudo clínico de casos de abscesso hepático amebiano do. do CA um caso clínico. Palavras Chave. Abcesso hepático amebiano · CA · CA Resumo. Introduçao: O abcesso amebiano é a.

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If you have a Best Practice personal account, your own subscription or have registered for a free trial, log in here:. Management of cases of liver abscesses. Surg Clin North Am ; Since this drug crosses the placenta and enters the breast milk, its indication must be considered carefully for pregnant cases. Ultrasonography and CT scan studies can identify the large hepatic abscesses ready to rupture, requiring immediate drainage.

Serological tests greatly improve the diagnosis of this severe complication of amoebiasis.

Clinical syndromes abscessl by left lobe abscess. Clin Radiol ; There may be a generalized enlargement, downward enlargement or upward enlargement of the right or left lobe, compressing the diaphragm. In the abscesses of the left lobe, the mass is palpable at the left hypochondria. In the CT scan, an amebic abscess usually appears as a rounded, well-defined, low-density lesion, with an homogeneous septated cavity, and with considerable fluid Figure 7.


Persistence of clinical symptoms, especially abdominal pain and fever. Bombay H J ; Amebiasis can be considered the most aggressive disease of the human intestine, responsible in its invasive form for clinical syndromes, ranging from the classic dysentery of acute colitis to extra-intestinal abscrsso, with emphasis on hepatic amebiasis, unsuitably named amebic liver abscess.

This has not been an easy task in areas in which resources for health care programs are scarce. South Afr Med J ; Nowadays, the prognosis of hepatic amebiasis, diagnosed early and properly treated, is quite favorable and mortality should be approximately zero.

Hepatic amebiasis

This procedure is perfectly indicated in the following circumstances [62]: It may even differentiate a solid tumor from an abscess and a biliary tract disease from a lesion. J Antimic Chemoth ;3: Nenhum dos casos estudados apresentava linfonodomegalia abdominal nos exames de imagem. Among the laboratory findings, the blood count reveals a mild degree of anemia that may be either normochromic or hypochromic.

Surgical Clinical of North America The trophozoite reaches the liver through the portal system, provoking enzymatic focal necrosis of hepatocytes and multiple micro-abscesses that coalesce to develop a single lesion whose central cavity contains a homogeneous thick liquid, with typically reddish brown and yellow color similar to “anchovy paste”.


The tenderness may be diffuse or localized. Because of the low positivity of microscopic diagnosis, antigen detection can be an essential adjunct method. Restrepo, Instituto Colombiano de Medicina Tropical.

Common side effects of metronidazole include nausea, vomiting, headache, abdominal discomfort and a metallic taste mentioned by almost all patients. Single and multiple pyogenic liver abscesses. Hepatogastrenterology ; Amebic liver abscesses with pleuropulmonary complications.

In Brazil, though there is lack of national reports, the incidence of hepatic amebiasis differs from one region to another, being uncommon in the south and prevalent in the north [3,4]. Rio de Janeiro; Guanabara Koogan, All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Satiani B, Davidson ED. Teclosan is an acetoamid derivative, without intestinal absorption, remaining in the bowel and excreted with the feces.

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Nevertheless, the ameba will be found in only a small percentage of cases. In lesions of the left lobe, the same clinical syndromes can be seen at the left hemithorax [37]. Realizou-se US do abdome, que demonstrou grande massa com aspecto em alvo, medindo cerca de 8,0 cm Figura 4.