[14] ASSOCIAÇÃO BRASILEIRA DE NORMAS TÉCNICAS – ABNT. NBR, Cabos elétricos — Cálculo da corrente nominal —. Condições de operação. is a place to share and follow research. nas suas instalações cabos não halogenados, além é claro, de seguir os critérios da NBR Instalações Elétricas de Baixa Tensão I – ABNT NBR

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The activated and retained dose has been evaluated with spreading resistance profiling and secondary ion mass spectrometry.

nrb Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 3 Acc. Extraction of lumina from prostate histology images was based on local entropy and Otsu threshold recognition using PCA- SVM and based on the texture features of prostatic calculus.

The surface morphologies before and after 24 h of bacterial cell culture were captured by SEM, and bacterial viability was determined using live First, obtaining tissue biopsies can be difficult. Exon expression profiling technologies, including exon arrays and RNA-Seq, measure the abundance of every exon in a gene. The methods proposed in abbnt study can also be used with other RFE techniques to define potential biomarkers from big biological data.

The course of the postoperative period was more benign and recovery sooner in patients of the main group 1520 comparison with the control. We write down the general dynamic variational functional for our rotational theory of elasticityassuming our material to be physically linear but the kinematic model geometrically nonlinear.

Automação e Sistemas

This research indicated that the data mining method of PCA- SVM has a good identification effect, and can work as a new method for rapid identification of cashmere material varieties. Hadamard Kernel SVM is abnnt for breast cancer predictions, either in terms of prognosis or diagnosis. The diffusion of boron from the implanted layers is also investigated by using the secondary ion mass spectrometer.

Percolator is an important tool for greatly improving the results of a database search and subsequent downstream analysis. The growth and exploitation rate of yellowstripe sbnt selaroides leptolepis cuvier, 19520 the Malacca Strait, Medan Belawan Subdistrict, North Sumatera Province. Heating at 80 0 C produces a complete dissociation of the BH complexes in the space charge region of reverse biased Schottky diodes.

A comparison is made with finite element numerical calculations, and the effect of lateral heat transfer is estimated using an analytical model. Frequency mixing in boron carbide laser ablation plasmas.


The datasets used in this study include hyperspectral imagery and laser scanning data acquired over two boreal forest 159220 characterized by the presence of three information classes Pine, Spruce, and Broadleaves. Background Classification and variable selection play an important role in knowledge discovery in high-dimensional data. The numerical studies show that the learning performance of the online SVM classification algorithm based on Markov sampling is better than that of classical online SVM classification based on random sampling as the size of training samples is larger.

Our framework thereby considers 1590 motifs as free parameters in a probabilistic model, a task which can be phrased as a non-convex optimization problem. Published by Oxford University Press.

boron implanted laser: Topics by

The proposed nb has been tested on clinical cases of chronic hepatitis C based on serological indexes. Boron and neon damage implants were used in fabricating integrated-circuit resistors in silicon.

Support Vector Machine SVM is a popular data mining technique, and it has been widely applied in astronomical tasks, especially in stellar spectra classification. These inputs are extracted via local spatial similarity measure model and Steerable filter also known as Gabon Filter. The generalization ability of online SVM classification based on Markov sampling. The result indicated that boron ion implantation prevented the formation of parasitic MOS-channel in the isolation region and achieved field isolation.

Solutions that enable the supply of this demand while meeting the principles of sustainability are needed. Our prediction model is based on a discriminative gapped-kmer Ngr gkm- SVM trained on genome-wide chromatin accessibility data in the cell type of interest.

The experimental results show that among the three tested algorithms the NAPSO- SVM method has a better prediction precision and a less prediction errors, and it is an effective method for predicting the dynamic measurement errors of sensors. The calculated profile agrees well with the experimental data. In the present study, we integrated diamond microelectrodes on a polyimide substrate and investigated their performances for the development of neural prosthesis.

We consider an infinite three-dimensional elastic nbd whose ngr points experience no displacements, only rotations. The deposited films have a significant contribution of big debris with irregular shape. Second, we show an important empirical observation that Sbnt is not sensitive to the C parameter in SVMand we provide some theoretical analyses to explain this observation.

The presence of an oxide layer on the surface of these alloys and composites also appears to have a substantial effect in terms of enhanced wear resistance. Several studies have reported success in the SLM-based production of biocompatible orthopaedic implants and three-dimensional bone 1592 constructs.

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The wave length of the radiation is selected so as to abjt excite one or the other of boron BCl 3 molecules or boron BCl 3 molecules, thereby making them preferentially more reactive with the sulfide. Skip agnt main content. The large difference between the reverse leakage current of FA and LA is considered to be affected by the deep trap level estimated to be the interstitial boron. Independently of the implantation parameters and the ELA conditions used, a peak in the B concentration is observed near the maximum melting depth after 10 pulses of ELA.

The APW dataset analysed was composed by signals acquired in a clinical environment from a total of subjects, including healthy volunteers and non-healthy patients. Thirty patients with a total of 45 completely osseointegrated implants participated in this study.

The focus is on the computational efficiency when the number of preference pairs is large. Yellowstripe scad included the one of commodity that has an important economic value in the Malacca Strait. Long-channel ring-type MOSFETs, with and without ion implantationwere fabricated on the recess region to evaluate the sub-threshold characteristics.

This is due to the fact that recoil probability at a given angle is a strong function of the energy of the primary projectile. SWR-CS- SVM proved effective for identifying egg varieties and could also be useful for the non-destructive identification of other types of egg.

It was shown that the energy intensity of laser beam and the substrate temperature both had an important influence on the surface morphology of the film. The incoerporation of boron leads to a deformation and remaining strain of the WC lattice, which possesses different stregth in the different directions of the elementary cell. Then, the study of real and reactive power dissipated in the behavior of the electrical conductors during system operation and its modeling by software PSCAD.

Due to inherent characteristics of electroencephalography signals, accurate and real-time multiclass classification is always challenging.