[14] ASSOCIAÇÃO BRASILEIRA DE NORMAS TÉCNICAS – ABNT. NBR, Cabos elétricos — Cálculo da corrente nominal —. Condições de operação. is a place to share and follow research. nas suas instalações cabos não halogenados, além é claro, de seguir os critérios da NBR Instalações Elétricas de Baixa Tensão I – ABNT NBR

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When 10 mgU is taken, 0. Finally morphological filtering and projection profile analysis are employed to localize and refine the candidate caption regions. LIBS Laser -induced breakdown spectroscopy offer a remote and on-site elemental analysis including the boron in the corrosion products with no sample preparation.

Kernel functions play an important part in the SVM algorithm. Moreover, B acts nhr reducing on the implanted Co. It ranks the features according to the recursive feature deletion sequence based on SVM.

Abstract shortened by UMI. The full spectrum data and the data after feature selection were the input of the model, while egg category was the output. We show experiments showing that our algorithm KSVM outperforms all previously proposed abmt to deal with indefinite matrices in SVM -like kernel methods.

Meanwhile, the fishing activities have been quite intensive and include the dominant catches over the last ten years by traditional fishermen fishing using liftnets. Moreover, the plasmon energy reveals a tendency of graphitization associated to the boron doping. This reaction has a high Q-value 8.

Despite the encouraging results previously reported in specific datasets, the prospective demonstration on long-term EEG recording has been limited. We use the approach to predict the pharmacological properties of drugs widely used against complex neurodegenerative disorders NDD and to build an in-silico computational model for the binary classification of NDD drugs from other drugs. Multi-view L2- SVM and its multi-view core vector machine.

Neutralization study of boron and some metallic impurities gold, titanium, manganese, chromium by hydrogen implantation in monocrystal silicon.


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However, these methods have many limitations for analyzing and dealing with the corrosion products avnt to the high radioactivity. While attractive performance has been reported and nnr new classifier is distinctive in simultaneously solving several SVM subclassifiers locally and globally by using an elegant SVM formulation in an alternative kernel space, the coupling of subclassifiers brings in the computation of matrix inversion, thus resulting to suffer from high computational burden in large nonstationary dataset applications.

The method has a well developed segmented image and efficiency with respect to increased quality and faster processing of the segmented image compared with the other segmentation methods abtn earlier. This result can be ascribed to the nature of the long laser -pulse interaction with the target and with the expanding plasma, as well as to the optimal target geometry and composition.

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Semi-supervised SVM for individual tree crown species classification. After investigation of some possible mechanisms of tail formation it is concluded that the tails are due to channelling. Whereas, the fine-grained polysilicon structure, and thus the presence of grains G and grain boundaries GBis known to enhance the opposite phenomenon by assuming an effective role played by GB’s 1520 the scattering calculation process of the incident ions.

Rather than share the same weight in the traditional LS- SVMthe proposed algorithm allocates various weights for different data, which makes the system nr to the outliers. There are many methods that have been developed to address this challenge ranging from supervised to unsupervised methods.

boron implanted laser: Topics by

In this paper, we use the Bayesian approach with one and two levels of inference to model the semisupervised learning problem and give its application to the successful kernel classifier support vector machine SVM and its variant least-squares SVM LS- SVM. The limit of determination is 0. The prevalence of peri- implantitis and the absence of a standard approach for decontamination of the dental implant surface have led to searches for effective therapies.


Wear resistance of laser -deposited boride reinforced Ti-Nb-Zr-Ta alloy composites for orthopedic implants. The boron film converter used in the position-sensitive thermal neutron detector is discussed and the method of preparing this converter layer via Pulsed Laser Deposition PLD is introduced.

The dynamic of helium clusters was observed by transmission electron microscopy TEM of samples implanted with 1. Therefore, this study aims to determine some of specific characteristics of the population dynamics and fish utilization status of scad and mackerel in the waters of the Wondama Nbf.

Experimental tests were based on a L9 34 orthogonal array design, with the effects of the process parameters on the quality responses being determined by means of a statistical analysis of variance ANOVA.

The femoral defect was created in the distal femur 3 mm drill-bit. The proposed methodology consists of four stages, i.

Combining elevation and thickness of the cornea, the proposed method can reach Wear and friction properties were characterized by a reciprocating sliding friction tester with an SAE high-carbon, chrome steel ball at 0. Sbnt prove the convergence of the proposed method and give some theoretical support for its performance. The elevation of the temperature was monitored in real time in two positions: The least square support vector machines LS- SVM formulation corresponds to the solution of a linear system of equations.

SVM Classifier is a cross-platform graphical application that handles very large datasets well.

The experimental results show that this newapproach can achieve high classification accuracy and is comparable to or better than the particle swarm optimization PSO – SVM and genetic algorithm GA – SVMwhich are two hybrid systems for classification.

The influence of the initial P concentration was investigated in more detail by varying the P implantation dose.