NBR NBR Cianeto The NBR prompted the ABNT (Brazilian Association for Technical Standardization) to produce eleven. Buy NBR ELABORACAO E APRESENTACAO DE PROJETO DE REABILITACAO DE AREAS DEGRADADAS PELA MINERACAO from SAI Global. ABNT NBR pdf. Uploaded by. paulolimad Nbr Elaboracao E Apresentacao de Projeto de Reabilit. Uploaded by. paulolimad.

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nbr 14063 1998

Revista Brasileira de Biologia Journal of Tropical Ecology All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

To evaluate the influence of Phosphorus and Magnesium on the plant abundance and species richness we used a Pearson correlation Zar, Although the amount of organic matter was not analyzed in the present study, the amount of nitrogen between the two treatments did not differ statistically.

A economia da natureza. Centres of plant diversity: In spite of M. Patterns of abundance of a narrow endemic species in a tropical and infertile montane habitat. Indeed, Tilman found a negative correlation between species richness and soil fertilization while Negreiros et al. Fertilization can enhance the growth rate of plants during restoration processes, but can also promote nrb exclusion of some species Lawrence, Services on Demand Journal.

Ultimately, better nutrient 113030 would enhance plant growth and performance, hence leading to faster and larger vegetation cover. Acta Botanica Brasilica Distribution of non-native invasive species and soil properties in proximity to paved roads and unpaved roads in a quartzitic mountainous grassland of southeastern Brazil rupestrian fields. Barbosa for suggestions and commentaries. Each sample was composed of soil from the superficial layer maximum depth: Welcome to zbnt website, we provide the high quality service for you!


The introduction of exotic species is one of the main causes of the current mass extinction of species Mittermeier et al. International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences The response abnh tropical tree seedlings to nutrient supply: Prentice Hall, New Jersey. Aparentemente floresce e frutifica ao longo de todo o ano, produzindo grande quantidade de sementes pequenas Martins, com.

Equitability did not differ significantly between the restored and non-restored sites Table 1. However, most initiatives to restore degraded areas have been using methods that do not aabnt this definition strictly.

Biodiversity hotspots for conservation priorities.

The disturbance of a system through species introduction, biomass input, 1300 manuring can lead to higher levels of Phosphorus mineralization due to an increase in the microbial activity Gatiboni et al.

In addition, we compared the area similarity comparing plots through Jaccard index Ricklefs, within both treatments.

Seed dormancy and germination in Rhexia mariana var. The data contribute to further studies focusing the propagation of M. Tibouchina pulchra Cogn e Tibouchina granulosa Cogn.


During the postwar period, these countries experienced dramatic demographic change, although details. The steady increase in human activity within this region has impacted this ecosystem in recent decades. Out of the eight chosen areas, four were previously restored through the planting of C.

After fertilization, the inorganic forms of phosphorus increase due to its accumulation in the soil Grant et al. NBR – – Posto de servico – Manuseio e instalacao de tanque subterraneo de combustiveis. Despite the higher concentration of sbnt, the presence of C. Silveira; Daniel Negreiros; G.

Mean temperature ranges bnr As sementes de M. Ecological road threatens endemic Brazilian plant with extinction. Plant Talkv. When only the areas restored with C. The data presented here shows that the restoration program using the exotic species C. In most cases, exotic species are used with consequences to ecosystem processes and functioning not fully evaluated.

Unexpected effects of pigeon-peas (Cajanus cajan) in the restoration of rupestrian fields

Restoration by planting the agnt Cajanus cajan was implemented in some of these areas. The observations we present here, together with those reported by Negreiros et al. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics