“Manon Lescaut (this she told me was her name) seemed gratified by the visible effect of her own charms. She appeared to me not less excited than myself. Manon Lescaut [Abbe Prevost, Steve Larkin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The inspiration for three films and several operas, this. A devastating depiction of obsessive love and a haunting portrait of a captivating but dangerous womanWhen the young Chevalier des Grieux first sets eyes.

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What right can man ever have to woman’s affections which I had not to Manon’s? He spoke to her about M.

The Chevalier des Grieux is in some ways just as interesting as Manon, being an object lesson in the perils of self-pity. That is an unfortunate situation, since she perceives fidelity of the heart as separate from fidelity of the body, and sees nothing worthy in denying herself the lescuat things in life in the name of something higher, in this case her supposed love for Des Grieux. As a younger son he had to choose between a career either in the army or in the Church.

I have given him no control over me,’ she added, ‘so that we may remain without apprehension in Paris, taking a convenient house, where we shall live, oh how happily together! I postponed till our meeting all mention of the safest and most expeditious course I intended to suggest for our future conduct. She tried, as well as the chain preovst permit her, to turn herself away, and hide her face from the rude gaze of the spectators.

A devastating depiction of obsessive love and a haunting portrait of a captivating but dangerous woman.

Manon Lescaut by abbé Prévost

The governor informed Tiberge of my wish to see him. I am almost ashamed to recount them, for I lescuat they have been brought on by no very creditable course of conduct: I began to realize that she isn’t a Jezebel, but a woman with a fatal greed. I was so confounded by this information as to be utterly unable to proceed to our apartment; and was obliged to leave the house, under the pretext of an appointment. Jul 04, Milena rated it it was amazing. Prevostt addressed a few words to his mistress before I left the room.


I had also reason to apprehend, from his late avowals, amnon he might form the design of making use of her for his own vile purposes, or at least of advising her to quit me for some happier and more wealthy lover. The light I had already derived from mann, enabled me to comprehend many passages in Horace and Virgil which had before appeared obscure. Never did I behold a more affecting picture of grief. She merely brought away a small portion of her apparel, of which I took charge.

However, we compromised matters by resolving to take a house in manonn village near Paris, from whence it would be easy for us to come into town whenever pleasure or business required it.

It should be discussed and agreed upon. On her letting me in at last, I asked why she had detained me so long? He was agreeably surprised to find that when he requested me to say what I should prefer, I mentioned only some religious and instructive works. He then placed on the table before her, in louis d’or, two thousand four hundred francs, the half of her year’s allowance.

This happiness, then, that you prize so much, has a thousand drawbacks, or is, more properly speaking, but a tissue of sufferings through which one hopes to attain felicity. He has had influence enough to have me shut up here, out prevostt mere revenge.

A knight’s tale

Two years go by. Allow me to reason for a few moments in my turn. View all 4 comments. She got into her carriage to go and wait for me at the corner of the street. G—— M——, he desired me to make my bow.

This guy is a psychopath But by the end, after greatly suspending my disbelief and judgment I grew to understand Manon. I pretended to devote myself assiduously to study, and I thus gave him convincing proof of the moral reformation he was so anxious to bring about.


As long as their money lasted. janon

He was miserably dressed, and much paler than when I first saw him. I resolved, however, to suffer with patience, and to promise all that might be manoon of me, in order to facilitate my speedy return to Paris, that I might restore life and happiness to my dear Manon.

Germaine Greer on Manon Lescaut | Books | The Guardian

Smiling out the window to some rich neighbor, she quickly found a replacement for her young lover. Our hero, the young Chevalier de Grieux is innocent of practical matters and Manon Lescaut too practical in an economic sense to remain his faithful mistress. I was one day returning from Rouen, where I had been, at her request, to attend a cause then pending before the Parliament of Normandy, respecting an inheritance to which I had claims derived from my maternal grandfather.

What then is the Chevalier doing, whilst Manon is putting about for his K and edging towards decided deadness? As to style, no one cared for that, not even the author; as to ideas — zero; as to local color — non est. Jun 26, knig rated it really liked it Shelves: God of love, what grossness of sentiment!

Manon Lescaut by abbé Prévost – Free Ebook

I refused the nourishment that was brought to me next morning. Mine is of the same kind as my sufferings, that is to say, evident to my senses; yours is of an incomprehensible nature, and only discernible through the dim medium of faith. Tiberge first occurred to me.