61F-GPN2 AC from OMRON >> Specification: Liquid Level Controller, 61F- GP-N2 Series, Conductive, Vac, W, 80 ms. Find great deals for Omron 61F-GP-N2 Processor/Controller. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The 61F-GP-N2-AC is a Conductive Level Controller for automatic water supply and drainage control. Compact plug-in controller for single or two-point.

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When draining, change the connection Tb to Ta. Return of any Products by Buyer must be approved in writing by Omron before shipment. The earth terminal must be grounded. Make sure that the terminal cover is installed before using the product. All units are in millimeters unless otherwise indicated.

Electrochem review part 1 Consider the following two reactions: If the sufficient interval cannot be provided, employ a low-sensitivity type Floatless Level Controller. Iron is more reactive than copper. Alarm control warning of abnormal or dangerously high or low levels.

Further, in no event shall liability of Omron Companies exceed the individual price omeon the Product on which liability is asserted. Used for sewage, sea water, etc. Secure omro connecting nut by tightening the lock nut and spring washer. This is a temporal bone which had an implant electrode Avoid use of the separators in dust-containing liquids. Buyer shall take application responsibility in all cases.


If this differential is not required, the low-level probe need not be connected. Between electrode E1 and E3 Release resistance Approx. Make E3 at least 50 mm longer than E2.

Spin a lock nut and a spring washer onto the electrode. Easy-to-replace separate versions facilitate maintenance of electrodes. For low specific liquids. In this case the relay does not de-energize until the water level falls below the low-level probe.

A low voltage is applied between these probes and the 61g-gp-n2 probe or tank, if it is electrically conductive. However, a type having 1, mm length electrodes is available on request. Between electrode E2 and E3 Response time Operate: It is our practice to change part numbers when published ratings or features are changed, or 61f-tp-n2 significant construction changes are made.

Doing so causes malfunctions such as chattering, etc. Lock nut Electrode 2. Ideal for soft drink vendors, omgon. Long distance for wiring may causes malfunctions because stray capacitance may influence operation, or abnormal surges or noise may run through electrode circuit s.

61F-GP-N2 – OMRON Industrial Automation

Using the low-level probe allows a wide differential between switching a pump on and off, and can avoid excessive pump operation during tank emptying or filling. E1 Electrodes are in actual contact with the liquid. For acids, alkalis and sea water, electrode holders may be as much as 1 meter apart to operate properly.


These are cut to length and inserted vertically into the liquid. Please read and understand this catalog before purchasing the products. After fixation, osmium staining, and dissection the Standard electrodes are made of stainless steel and usable in purified water, sea water, sewage, acid except acetic acid, sulfuric acid, etc.

Precautions for Safe Use 1. Usually, electrodes are used in a set of three: When resistance to high pressure is required.

Omron 61F-GP-N2 Processor/Controller

Doing so causes malfunctions by getting vulnerable to induction noise. Doing so may possibly result in electric shock. Omron further disclaims all warranties and responsibility of any type for claims or expenses based on infringement by the Products or otherwise of any intellectual property right.

Limitation on Liability; Etc. Doing so can reduce some effects of noise. The 61c-gp-n2 relay in the controller is energized when the water level reaches the high-level probe omton de-energized when the water level falls below it.

For two-point control a low-level probe is used as well. To convert grams into ounces, multiply by 0. Doing so may occasionally result in minor or moderate injury due to electric shock.