2N Datasheet: N-CHANNEL ENHANCEMENT MOSFET, 2N PDF VIEW Download New Jersey Semiconductor, 2N 1 page Datasheet PDF. 2N Description = Low Power Field Effect Transistor ;; Case Style = TO3 ;; Geometry = FVNZ ;; Page Details, datasheet, quote on part number: 2N 2N from American Microsemiconductor, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information.

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Price List or call the local sales representative or distributor. Pins are gold-plated kovar Package material is epoxy with copper slug and tin-plated copper bracket Board-drilling dimensions should datasheft your practice for.

TO 6 ,uA M 54 3. TO 10 m A 8. It consists of all the required The system includes the following LSI support P ro 9 ram development aids plus a full 2n66558 of diagnostic cjrcujts. High speed transistor output guaranteed 2 fis max t r and tf with Rl 8fiS typ at 1 Kn Rl 3.

_IC_Master_Volume_2 IC Master Volume 2

Video information, typically 1. TO 6 MA78C20 20 c 46 6. Leads are gold-plated kovar Seven leads thru leads No. Pins 2nn6658 intended for insertion in hole rows on.

In addition, the F Emulator, a single stand-alone module for emulating the final F soft- ware in PROMs, is available for building prototype systems. Linear sensors find applications ranging from simple optical character recognition OCR using the x 1 device to high speed facsimile sensing using the 1 x 1.


All dimensions in inches bold and millimeters in parentheses Pins are tin-plated 42 alloy Package material is plastic Pins are intended for insertion in hole rows on. When dynamic RAM circuits are used the DMI provides the necessary refresh controls required to maintain memory integrity. Temperature Range Four basic temperature grades are in common use: Input Voltage V 0. Consult factory for package types. Please request specific information for military versions. Anode Digit 1 Com. Three growth packages are available to Formulator product owners.

U 6 jiA78P05 3 Term. D, “Minus” Sign Anodes Seg. Also a part of the Mark II is the Formulator Operating System, including the editor, relocating assembler, and debug package to allow the generation of source code and to create and check out object code. This operation is performed without slowing the central processor. For further detail see 2. Leads are gold-plated or solder dipped alloy 52 All leads electrically isolated from case Package weight is 7.

The CCD has two separate output amplifiers, one for each stage analog transport register, which permit higher total output data rate.

2N6658 Datasheet PDF – New Jersey Semiconductor

K 8S S 35 20 D 4M. G, “Plus” Sign Anodes Seg. See CMOS databook for flatpak pinout. I seen a site trying to get Please request specific data. Hafler DH amps can always use the Profusion Exicon outputs. F38T56 and F38T57 have Ftype timer and strobe logic. High speed transistor output guaranteed 2.

  ISO 23301 PDF

The camera-to-control interconnection cable permits complete remote control of the camera by the control unit. Do you already have an account?

2N Datasheet PDF, New Jersey Semiconductor :

In addition, a Formulator-compatible pin edge con- nector, a special connector for TTY or terminal, and two pin edge connectors for F8 signals, are contained on the board.

The devices are also well suited for use in video cameras that require low power, small size, high sensitivity and high reliability. Pins are tin-platd kovar Package material is plastic Pins are intended for insertion in hole rows on. Cathodes Digit 1 Com. FPA, have infrared filters.

TO 14 M A79M06 The teletype terminal provides a paper tape based system, while the allows file storage on magnetic tape cassettes. No, create an account now. OC 30 15 55 70 M18 8F.