Acura TL – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 12 Oct, by RobertG. Model: Acura TL. File size: MB. View and Download Acura TL owner’s manual online. TL Automobile pdf manual download. Acura TL Owners Manual [Acura] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Owners Manual.

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The level of brightness is shown on the multi-information display while you adjust it. Page With the lever ttl the LOCK position, the door cannot be opened from inside regardless of the position of the lock tab.

Airbags see page for more information on how your front airbags work. The indicator in the selected memory button will flash during movement.

Insert the disc s again.

Owners Your new Acura is covered by these warranties: The tow hook should not be used to tow the vehicle onto a f lat bed. Emergency Towing If you must drive the vehicle a short distance in this condition, drive slowly and carefully. Refer to Shift Lock Release Press the brake pedal, and restart the engine.

This vehicle manuwl equipped with service-related devices that record information about powertrain performance.


When loading a CD-DA with text data, the album and track name are shown in the display. Page Signal strength is five bars, and the phone is roaming.

If this happens, there 208 nothing wrong with your system. When reinstalling the covers, make sure the pins and tabs are in their proper positions. Put the wheel nuts back on finger-tight, then tighten them in a crisscross Page After the beep, say the name you would like to delete. Messages can still be accessed using the INFO menu. The following sequence will appear for 1 second each: Page It will then play the disc just loaded.


Carbon Monoxide Hazard Even with the door open, run the engine only long enough to move the vehicle out of the garage. Table Of Contents On vehicles with navigation system AcuraLink enhances your ownership experience by providing a direct communication link between your vehicle and the Acura Server. Playing The Xm Satellite Radio Along with a acurx selection of different types of music, XM radio allows you to view channel and category selections in the display.

Page 85 You can change how long the lights stay on before they go off as described next. Pull back the corner of the trunk lid lining.

2008 Acura TL – Owner’s Manual (376 pages)

After the beep, say the name you would like to delete. Press the clutch pedal, and shift to reverse. Page Keep the ends of the jumper cables away from each other and any metal on the vehicle until everything is 208. Please read and follow the instructions on these labels.

When viewing a diagnostic info message through the INFO menu, accura can use the Diagnostic Info button to connect to the Acura server and retrieve the latest information regarding the problem.

Page Manually check the spare tire pressure to be sure it is correct. This button is used before If the code does not disappear or the disc s tp be removed, consult your dealer.

After exiting the vehicle, be sure the belt is out of the way and will not get closed in the door. Push the inner fender cover in place. With your phone on and the The current folder is highlighted in blue. Keep the inside and outside mirrors clean and adjusted for best visibility. Remove the cover from the TL bumper by pushing the lower part of the cover accura your finger.


Page 13 TL Always wear What you should do: If one circuit should develop a problem, you will still have braking at two wheels. Immobilizer System Always take the ignition key with you whenever you leave the vehicle alone. Page Select the phonebook you wish to change the PIN number for. One of the best ways to enhance the enjoyment of your new vehicle is to read this manual. Page Halogen bulbs get very hot when lit. Cleaning the wheels with harsh chemicals including some commercial wheel cleaners or a stiff brush can damage the clear-coat.

To deactivate the lockable retractor and remove a child seat, unlatch the buckle, unroute the seat belt, and let the belt fully retract. For more information on how to make a call, see page TL Press and release the Talk button. If the engine still does not start, return to step 5. There may not be any additional information, depending on Once the correct zone is displayed, continue to step 4.

Acura TL – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

Page Acrua more information on how to make a call, see page TL Press and release the Acrua button. Push the preset 1, preset 6, and power buttons at the same time, then quickly release. The tire will be underinflated. Page 96 If the key is not fully extended the immobilizer system may not operate properly and prevent the engine from starting. A Few Words About Safety It comes on when the light switch is in either the position.