Mercury Sable Owner’s Manual Get Mercury Sable PDF manuals and user guides, View all Mercury Sable manuals. Download the Mercury Sable PDF owners manual below. The Mercury The Sable was discontinued after but brought back in View and Download Mercury Sable owner’s manual online. Mercury Sable Sable Automobile Mercury Sable Owner’s Manual. ( pages).

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Refer to the Personal Safety System section in this chapter. The next two numbers or letters are the plant code mercufy it was manufactured, the next two are the tire size code and the last four numbers represent the week and year the tire was built.

Mercury Sable | Owner’s Manual

Line up the CD with the groove of the disc holder. Engine oil filler cap 7. Refer to Front passenger sensing system in the Seating and Safety Restraints chapter. Page Maintenance and Specifications Use the recommended cold inflation pressure for optimum tire performance and wear.

Several air bag system components get hot after inflation. Press to raise or lower the front portion of the seat cushion. Vehicle Loading Driving If your vehicle gets stuck in mud or snow If your vehicle gets stuck in mud mefcury snow, it may be rocked out by shifting from forward and reverse gears, stopping between shifts in a steady pattern. Front seat mounted rear-facing child or infant seats should NEVER be placed in front of an active passenger air bag.

2005 Mercury Sable – Owner’s Manual (248 pages)

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The keypad can be operated with the factory set 5—digit entry code; Turns the headlamps on. If the fuel filler cap is venting vapor or if you hear a hissing sound, wait until it stops before completely removing the fuel filler cap.


Seating and Safety Restraints crash severity are appropriate to activate these devices. It is extremely dangerous to ride in a cargo area, inside or outside of a vehicle.

Windshield washer fluid reservoir 9.

Install the bulb socket into the lamp assembly by rotating it clockwise. If the warning stays on or continues to come on, contact your dealer as soon as possible.

Press lightly on the accelerator in each gear. Set the parking brake ownerss ensure the gearshift is securely latched in P Park. For a free publication catalog, order toll free: Locks and Security 9. Page Seating and Safety Restraints 7. Page Seating and Safety Restraints lifting the front of the child seat.

Press and release to lock all the doors and liftgate wagonturn off the interior lamps if they were on and arm the anti-theft system. Put the jack in the jack wable next to the door of the tire you are changing. Maintenance and Specifications If the battery has been disconnected or a new battery has been installed, the clock and radio settings must be reset once the battery is reconnected. Customer Assistance Making a decision Board members review all available information related to each complaint, including oral presentations, and arrive at a fair and impartial decision.

Maintenance and Specifications Working with the engine on 1. Introduction These are some of the symbols you may see on your vehicle. The passenger cannot protect the child from injury in a collision.

Plus, it provides repair procedures with detailed specifications and photographs. Front wheel drive FWD vehicles, and those with an independent rear suspension require alignment of all merccury wheels. Page Driving Understanding the gearshift positions of the 4—speed automatic transaxle This vehicle is equipped with an adaptive Transmission Shift Strategy. Maintenance and Specifications Do not use supplemental transmission fluid additives, treatments or cleaning agents.

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Driver Controls Do not use the HomeLink Wireless Control System with any garage door opener that lacks safety stop and reverse sqble as required by U. Turn the ignition back to the 4 ON position. Board review may be terminated at any time by either party.

Page 12 Instrument Cluster Brake system warning light: If the procedure needs to be repeated, you must wait 30 seconds. Adaptive Shift strategy offers the optimal transmission operation and shift quality.

Page Roadside Emergencies 6.

Insert the belt tongue into the proper buckle the buckle closest to the direction the tongue is coming from for that seating position until Use a load carrying hitch. Maintenance and Specifications 3. Engine exhaust, some its constituents. A must read manual that is written from hands-on experience based on a complete teardown of the vehicle.

Remove the jumper cable from the ground metal surface. Page 38 Lights 5. Illuminates when the oil pressure falls below the normal range, refer to Engine oil in the Maintenance and specifications chapter. All ownerx of the vehicle should always wear their safety belts even when an air bag SRS is provided.

Page 53 Driver Controls Increasing speed while using speed control There are three ways to set a higher speed: Page Maintenance and Specifications Allow the vehicle to sit for at least eight hours without starting the engine.