12th Five Year Plan as per the draft document released by the Planning Commission aims at a growth rate of 8%. Other targets of the Twelfth Five Year Plan in different sectors are listed Hi, did we achieve the 12th FYP targets?. Twelfth Five Year Plan Planning Commission Government of India. Faster, More Inclusive and Sustainable Growth Volume 1. Download PDF. Twelfth five year plan (/)/Planning Commission, Government of India. .. inputs into the Plan formulation, and the reports are also available on the .. Foreign Trade Policy. FYP. Five Year Plan. GA. Geographic Area.

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In light of patient centred spirit, we will strongly improve the internal management of public hospital, optimize the service process, and standardize the diagnosis and treatment in order to make it convenient for communities. Enlarge the scope of state-owned assets gains that should be handed in to the state; increase the percentage handed in, to be incorporated into public finance. The financial infrastructure construction will be strengthened, and financial markets’ registration, management, trading and settlement systems will be improved.

Domestically speaking, China is experiencing industrialization, informationization, 122th, marketization and further internationalization, with a stable growth in per capita national income.

12th Five Year Plan 2012-17 Targets

Gradually raise the proportion of national income distributed to individuals, increase the proportion of wages in the primary distribution of income and reverse the trend of a widening income gap gradually.

Gradually increase the fund raising standard, level of guarantee and minimize the gap of urban medical insurance and rural cooperative medical care. This is the revised rate when compared to the initial approach paper. Retrieved 14 December Uphold and improve the distribution system whereby distribution according to work is dominate and multiple forms of distribution exist side by side. Insist on the policy of the priority of the children, implement the Children development outline, protect children’s rights to survival, development, beiing protected and the right to participation.

Construct 6 onshore and 2 coastal and offshore large wind power bases, with an additional installed capacity of over 70 million kW.

Support the construction and development of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. Pushing forward the construction of digital cities, enhancing the service levels on informationalization and subtlization.

I think somewhere between 8 and 8. Develop safe and efficient coal mines, and large coal enterprise groups, and promote the integration of coal resources, and the merger and reorganization of coal mine enterprises.


Vigorously develop science and education, enhance self-development.

We will establish fair, standardized and transparent market access standards, remedy sector fragmentation, regional blockades and industrial monopoly, expand the opening of the services sector, encourage and guide various types of capital investment in the services industry, fhp develop a range of forms of service enterprise ownership, and establish an integrated, open, competitive and orderly services market.

Take promotion of employment rrport a priority for economic and social development; improve the mechanism to combine self-selection of jobs by reporh, employment regulation by market and employment promotion fypp government; create equal employment opportunities; improve employment quality and strive to achieve full employment.

Construct a new airport in Beijing, expand the airports of Guangzhou, Nanjing, Changsha, Haikou, Harbin, Nanning, Lanzhou and Yinchuan, construction a number of new branch line and general-purpose airports, and study the feasibility of constructing new airports in Chengdu, Qingdao and Xiamen. Accelerate the construction of coal bases in northern Shaanxi, Huanglong, Shendong, eastern Inner Mongolia and eastern Ningxia, drive the construction of coal bases in northern, eastern and central Shanxi, Yunnan and Guizhou steadily, and start the construction of the Xinjiang coal base.

12th Five-Year Plan (India) – Wikipedia

Key development in the region where resource environmental bearing capacity is relatively strong and economic and population concentration condition is relatively good. In the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, focus on the development of aviation equipment, satellites and application, rail traffic equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment.

We will expand the field of insurance services, and actively develop liability insurance, credit insurance, explore the development of catastrophe insurance and innovative ways of insurance marketing, regulate development of the insurance intermediary market and teport construction of the reinsurance market, as well as establish and improve the insurance services system.

Combine government control with market regulation; accelerate improvement of housing mechanism and policy system that are in line with the national conditions; gradually form a housing supply and demand pattern featuring substantially balanced total aggregates, reasonable structure, harmonisation between housing prices and consumption capabilities; achieve the goal that everyone has a home to live in.

Improve the gender statistics system, improve the development environment for women. Strengthen safety management to ensure transport safety. Strengthen the governmental responsibility, put more effort on the construction of the affordable housing project, basically release the supply deficiency of the affordable house.

We will advance low carbon pilot projects. Drive equipment manufacturing from a production-oriented style to a service-oriented style, and promote the development of numerically controlled products, green reporh and enterprise IT building.


Promote the follow-up development of the Three Gorges reservoir area. We will optimise the competitive cyp structure and improve the overall strength of competitive sports. Encourage enterprises to enhance new 12gh development capacity, increase the technology level and added replrt of products, and accelerate the upgrading of products.

Poverty [ edit ] The government intends to reduce poverty by 10 per cent during the 12th Five-Year Plan. Implement the government investment policy which is combining the arrangements that are in accordance with the principle function area and in accordance with sector.

12th FYP, annual budget top agenda of upcoming National Council session

Scientifically programming the function positioning of cities in the urban agglomeration, relieving the pressure of the central districts of super cities, strengthening the industrial functions of middle and small cities, heightening public service functions and residential functions of small towns, pushing forward the unified construction of infrastructures and internet development of large, middle rreport small cities.

To the limited development area of main production area of agricultural products and key ecology function area, implement respectively the agriculture development preferential and ecology protection preferential performance evaluation, not evaluate the GDP and industries.

The central finance shall increase the financial transfer payment, year by year, to main production area of agricultural products, and key ecology function area, especially the Midwest key ecology function area, increase the protection ability to basic public service and ecologic environment.

Cause SMEs to accelerate fpy transformation of development patterns, strengthen quality and integrity building, and improve product quality and competitiveness. In addition, we should expand our control of major contaminants. The prevention of sewage leaking into major river basins should be emphasized. Intensify the market supervision, standardize the order of the real estate market.

Overall planning the construction of public facilities fy both up-ground and under-ground lands, comprehensively increasing the levels of transportation, telecommunication, electric power, heating, gas, drainage, waste water and garbage disposal infrastructures, and increasing the disaster prevention capacity. We will promote agricultural products, bulk mineral products, key industrial areas and other fields important to the development of logistics.