Do Libertarian Party Candidates Suck?

From a representative presenting Libertarian Party beliefs, explaining libertarian views on the subject. The application of libertarian philosophy expressed by the party or others may or may not universally represent libertarian beliefs on the topic for all adherents.

By Rodney Benker

I was recently speaking with a local talk radio personality, and the conversation was very typical when discussing Libertarian politics with someone who “identifies” as libertarian. His comment was “I would vote Libertarian, but you guys keep getting ‘Loons’ to run for office”.

Running for office as a Libertarian is the most admirable and courageous thing any regular citizen could ever do in their lives. But most people do not understand why this is so, and some probably just laughed out loud at my statement.

What people see is a symptom of the problem, it’s not a problem with libertarianism or the Libertarian Party.

The problem is… every single card in the deck is stacked against our Party and our candidates. In Indiana specifically, the Old Parties have built themselves a comfortable cushion to limit political choice in our election process. And before I continue, I’ll say Indiana is more “fair” than most other states. So this is not complaining, this is talking about the battle we have to fight in the system we’ve been given and why we get to run the most courageous people in the state.

Did you know… the Old Parties get donations from people while they are at the License Branch. There’s never a mention of any other political parties. This means a government agency is fundraising for only two of three officially recognized parties in the state – the Libertarian Party of Indiana is the other one.

Did you know… the Old Parties get to select their candidates in taxpayer funded primaries. The Libertarian Party of Indiana has to select our candidates at our membership-funded State Convention. In 2013, Indiana’s primaries for the Old Parties cost you, the taxpayer, $6,969,771.96! The same year, LPIN Membership paid less than $10,000 dollars for our State Convention.

Did you know… state and federal laws make it very difficult, even risky, for anyone to campaign as a Libertarian before our State Convention? This is why people ask why we were not campaigning during the primaries – not only are we excluded from the primaries (for now), it could be a risky venture to campaign early for the candidate or our party if everything is not executed perfectly.

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