Do Libertarian Party Candidates Suck?

From a representative presenting Libertarian Party beliefs, explaining libertarian views on the subject. The application of libertarian philosophy expressed by the party or others may or may not universally represent libertarian beliefs on the topic for all adherents.

By Rodney Benker

I was recently speaking with a local talk radio personality, and the conversation was very typical when discussing Libertarian politics with someone who “identifies” as libertarian. His comment was “I would vote Libertarian, but you guys keep getting ‘Loons’ to run for office”.

Running for office as a Libertarian is the most admirable and courageous thing any regular citizen could ever do in their lives. But most people do not understand why this is so, and some probably just laughed out loud at my statement.

What people see is a symptom of the problem, it’s not a problem with libertarianism or the Libertarian Party.

The problem is… every single card in the deck is stacked against our Party and our candidates. In Indiana specifically, the Old Parties have built themselves a comfortable cushion to limit political choice in our election process. And before I continue, I’ll say Indiana is more “fair” than most other states. So this is not complaining, this is talking about the battle we have to fight in the system we’ve been given and why we get to run the most courageous people in the state.

Did you know… the Old Parties get donations from people while they are at the License Branch. There’s never a mention of any other political parties. This means a government agency is fundraising for only two of three officially recognized parties in the state – the Libertarian Party of Indiana is the other one.

Did you know… the Old Parties get to select their candidates in taxpayer funded primaries. The Libertarian Party of Indiana has to select our candidates at our membership-funded State Convention. In 2013, Indiana’s primaries for the Old Parties cost you, the taxpayer, $6,969,771.96! The same year, LPIN Membership paid less than $10,000 dollars for our State Convention.

Did you know… state and federal laws make it very difficult, even risky, for anyone to campaign as a Libertarian before our State Convention? This is why people ask why we were not campaigning during the primaries – not only are we excluded from the primaries (for now), it could be a risky venture to campaign early for the candidate or our party if everything is not executed perfectly.

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To Fight Insomnia, Purchase Sprayable Sleep

News release on the rollout of  a natural alternative to improve sleep, put into a item called sprayble melatonin, and how to purchase sprayable sleep products: 

Ever wish the ability to fall asleep quickly and easily came packaged in a bottle? Enter Sprayable Sleep, the world’s first ever topical sleep spray. The soon-to-be launched product promises to safely reduce the effects of insomnia and help troubled sleepers finally get some shut-eye — without the chemicals or side effects found with sleeping pills.

Created by the company Sprayable Inc., Sprayable Sleep is made of water, the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin, and a derivative of tyrosine, an amino acid that the body produces naturally and acts as a vehicle for skin absorption. How does it work? Apparently all you have to do is spray a little on your neck an hour before bedtime. The melatonin is then gradually absorbed through your skin and bloodstream (unlike with pills, which go through the digestive system). As it’s absorbed, the solution is supposed to help you fall asleep gently and leave you feeling refreshed — not groggy — when you wake up. Each bottle reportedly holds about a month’s worth of better sleep.

As studies have shown time and time again, getting your eight hours of sleep in at night is crucial to both your physical and mental health. But for restless sleepers like me, who can toss and turn for hours, it’s often easier said than done. I’ve long since been envious of other people’s ability to fall asleep, seemingly within seconds of placing their head on a pillow. If Sprayable Sleep works the way it’s intended to, it could be the solution that insomniacs and the other seriously sleep-deprived people among us have all been longing for.

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How to Get a Casino Bonus

Curated article on casino bonuses, like Las Vegas USA Casino bonuses or similar great deals such as those at Royal Ace Casino:

By Margarette R. Cramer

Before we can go deep into a discussion on how to get a casino bonus, it would perhaps be a good idea for us to get a basic understanding as to what that casino bonus is, and how it comes about. After all, casinos weren’t traditionally associated with bonuses, so it can be quite baffling for the person coming across the concept of a casino bonus for the very first time.

Now simply put, a casino bonus is an amount of money that a casino (typically an online casino) adds to a member’s playing account, so that they can play for more than they deposit into those accounts. The arrangement is usually to the effect that the online casino will add to the player a given sum of money, or a given percentage, for whatever sums of money they deposit into the casino playing accounts. This is the situation where you, for example, deposit $100 into your casino playing account (the account that holds the money you use to finance your various games), and you end up with balance indicated as $106; with the $6 on top being what the online casino gives you as the casino bonus.

These bonuses are given by the casinos in a bid to show their members that they appreciate them, to attract new members and to retain their members whom they are always at the risk of losing to other casinos in an extremely competitive business.

So, having seen what a casino bonus is, the next step would be for us to explore ways through which you can get one such bonus.

The first one is of course to select a casino that gives bonuses. There are casinos that give bonuses just as there are some that don’t have that tendency. You need to know those that do, and register with them. The amounts of money they give as bonuses may look small, but cumulatively, they can add up to very significant amounts of money.

Sometimes, these casino bonuses are only given to people who are interested in them. They are not given on blanket terms across board to all members. Instead, members may be required to enter certain codes in order for them to access the bonuses. The moral here is that even in a casino that gives bonuses, you actually need to be on the lookout for the bonuses and not expect simply expect for them to come your way while you rest.

Some casinos only give the bonuses to new members, as an introductory offer. This might therefore make it necessary for you to register with the casinos so as to access the bonuses (of course after being sure that the casinos in question are reasonably good ones). This way, you can access the bonuses and then make up your mind whether to continue playing there, or to continue playing at your old casino.

Some casinos, on the other hand, only give the bonuses to their ‘loyal members.’ Where this is the case, you only need to register, bid your time while playing for small regular amounts, until you qualify to be given one such casino bonus.

Easy and sure shot way to get online casino bonus like no deposit casino bonus. Read carefully and get the bonus while signing up.

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Editorial Opposes Ending Social Worker Requirements

This Des Moines Register writer discusses why proposals to end licensure or similar social worker requirements should be opposed:

House Study Bill 138, proposed by Gov. Terry Branstad was defeated in subcommittee recently. This study bill would have done away with licensure requirements not only for mental health professionals but for other licensed professionals. Mental health professionals across the state were pleased with the defeat of this bill. However, now we are concerned again because the governor stated he still believes the state should remove professional licensing requirements for social workers, mental health therapists and other licensed professionals.

I am a licensed independent social worker. I served as the chair of the Iowa Board of Social Work in the mid-1990s. I also served as the president of the Association of Social Work Boards for the United States and Canada. State boards across the country license more than 400,000 social workers. The association maintains four levels of exams for social work licensure in all of the states. These exams assure the public that social workers have passed a national exam to document their ability to practice competent social work. This is important, as social workers provide more than 60 percent of all mental health treatment in the United States.

Social workers provide hospital treatment, treatment for the physically disabled, intellectually disabled and the list goes on and on. Every state licenses social workers at the highest level of licensure. If Iowa drops licensure, it would be the only state to just have a registry at the highest level of clinical practice.

This creates huge problems because there are numerous federal programs that require licensure in order to reimburse for mental health services. This would also create problems for private insurance companies, including the MCOs that run Iowa’s Medicaid services, which require licensure to reimburse for mental health treatment.

In Iowa there are 3,990 actively licensed social workers at all levels of practice. There are 1,667 actively licensed mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists, as well. Therefore, it is critically important that this group of care providers complies with the highest possible competency standards in order to assure that vulnerable persons with mental health conditions receive the optimal care they deserve and need. The very reason for licensure is to protect public health by ensuring standards and oversight for practitioners.

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A Look at the Best Backpack for College

From Forbes’ 2016-2017 roundup of the best backpack for college:

Online retailer eBags typically sells more than 200,000 backpacks during back-to-school season. The Colorado-based company that launched 17 years ago as a luggage liquidator has more than 7,000 packs from 250 brands in its inventory (most are drop-shipped directly from manufacturers). I talked to eBags backpack expert Krista Paul about what’s new, what’s selling and which bags the cool kids are craving.

What’s trending this year with school bags?

More pockets and better organization. Everybody wants compartments for all the devices they carry so the best-selling bags are loaded with places to stash gadgets and gear: big water bottles, laptops, phones, eyeglass cases, whatever. It’s the reason SwissGear Scansmart is out number one selling pack. It’s black and gray and super-simple but it’s got a million places to store things. It’s all about the pockets.

More stuff to lug means bigger, heavier bags, right?

It does but there’s a big emphasis on support for the back and making sure shoulder straps are comfortable and molded to the body and have a padded back. A few seasons ago, school bags didn’t have as much functional support. Now they’re built more like hiking packs. It got to the point where kids were loading up their bags and it was causing numbness and tingling in the arms because the straps were hindering circulation. The wider padded shoulder straps we see with the Scansmart and bags like Jansport Big Student don’t do that…

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Good Results When You Install Norton Antivirus Support

From a knowledgeble review of the performance that follows when you install Norton antivirus support.

…With a list price of $39.99 per year to protect one computer against malware, Norton AntiVirus Basic is more expensive than some of the company’s other products on a per-device basis, but it’s completely in line with its standalone antivirus competition. Symantec Norton Security Premium, on the other hand, protects up to 10 devices for $89.99 per year, and includes 25GB of hosted online backup. Note that AntiVirus Basic is currently on sale for half its list price.

I asked my Symantec contact why the company decided to bring back a standalone antivirus tool. “We saw there was a need for a low-cost, robust, PC-focused solution,” he answered. “This need is not adequately addressed by freeware. This product is primarily aimed at the value-oriented, tech-minded user who may already have a firewall, backup system, and so on.” He went on to point out that Norton AntiVirus Basic offers the same enterprise-grade protection found in the suite.

norton-antivirus-basic-main-windowThe suite offers full-scale tech support, with a guarantee that support agents will do everything necessary to keep your system virus-free, or your money back. That guarantee doesn’t come with Norton AntiVirus Basic, however. In fact, tech support for this product is limited to self-help and community forums. That’s probably fine for the value-oriented, tech-minded customer mentioned above, but it is one drawback to the product.

Note that Norton AntiVirus Basic isn’t yet available in all markets. If you’re in Australia, Canada, France, Germany the US, or the UK, you can get it. If you’re elsewhere, you may have to wait a bit.

Quick Install, Intensive Scan
When you launch the Norton installer, it downloads the very latest version of the software, including the latest antivirus definitions. I like that. Why doesn’t every antivirus install the latest definitions, rather than prompting the user to update after installation is finished? Once Norton is installed, it is totally ready to go.

Well, almost. A little while after the installation, you get a prompt to enable the Norton extensions in your browsers. I’ll talk more about the extensions themselves later on. Norton walks you through the process of installing the extensions, with explanatory panels and animated arrows.

The main window itself is laid out much like the Norton suite, with four big buttons across the bottom and a panel above that reflects your security status. If the green You Are Protected notification changes to You Are At Risk in red, just click the Fix Now button to set things right.

A full scan of my standard clean test system took almost an hour and a quarter, whereas the average scan time for recent products is about 45 minutes. It was thorough, for sure, checking more than 250,000 items. I also ran a Norton Insight scan, which found 88 percent of the files on this system to be among those that should be trusted, not scanned. A repeat of that full scan took just 10 minutes.

This product includes Norton Power Eraser, a more aggressive scanner that aims to root out really persistent malware. If you think the regular scan may have left something behind, a scan with Norton Power Eraser should fix it.

Excellent Lab Results
Symantec doesn’t submit the Norton antivirus to all the labs I follow, but those that do include it in testing give it excellent marks. Like Kaspersky Anti-Virus (2017), Symantec doesn’t participate in certification testing by ICSA Labs. Neither of these two have been rated in Virus Bulletin’s RAP (reactive and protective) test lately, either.

AV-Test Institute rates antivirus products on protection against malware attack, low performance impact, and minimal false positives, assigning up to six points in each of the three areas. Symantec aced the protection and false positive components of the tests but lost a half-point in performance, for a total of 17.5. Kaspersky managed a perfect 18 in this test, while Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016 slipped to 17 in the latest report.

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Social Media Goals: Buy Instagram Likes, or Work For Them?

If you’re an efficient social media marketer, should you make it your pet project or goal to be ‘respectable’ and build your followers manually, or should you just buy Instagram likes? This excerpt from Entrepreneur makes the case for natural building.

Did you know that Instagram has more than 500 million monthly active users? Wow! No wonder the question I get asked most often is, How do I get more followers on this powerhouse photo-sharing network?

So, here are three of my best Instagram growth and management tips. While none of them will guarantee you overnight success, they’ll at least lead you to steady follower growth and engagement.

The problem is, many people aren’t willing to put in the work needed to daily manage an Instagram audience that generates real business results. They want quick and easy tips for buying results. You want to know a not-so-secret secret? That kind of laziness leads to an Instagram account with a lot of followers but not a lot of engagement — and even fewer sales.

So, you’ll find no list of sites to buy your Instagram followers here. Instead, check out these tried-and-true tips for growing your followers and increasing engagement the right way. Are you ready?

1. Post on Instagram one to three times per day.

The best way to generate business results from Instagram is to be active on the network. No surprise there. But how many times per week should you be posting new ‘grams? That depends on your goals.The Instagram accounts with the largest followings are posting 95 times per month. Broken down that’s about three times per day…

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Fat Loss Through a GNC Forskoline Supplement

Is your dream to have a leaner body? Curated article about Dr. Oz’s fat loss suggestions, which include trying a green tea and GNC forskoline supplement.

The Dr. Oz Show, May 5, 2014, is all about busting belly fat and Oz has three new ways to finally get rid of that expanded middle section once and for all. Belly fat comes in two types. Fat that sits just below the skin is bad but fat that lies beneath muscle tissue in our belly is called Visceral fat and it can be deadly. Oz has a simple test of poking your belly with a finger. If the fat feels soft and squishy the you have normal fat. If you can feel a hard muscle, then you have visceral fat. Visceral fat is known to cause many health problems and can be hard to get rid of. Dr. Oz comes to the rescue today with 3 new ways to get your belly fat under control.

Forskolin Supplement Belly Fat Blaster
Forskolin comes from a plant called Indian Coleus and has been proven to reduce fat and build muscle mass. Oz says to start your day with 125mg of this supplement. No specific brand was given but he recommended we find a product that has at least 10% forskolin in it. Oz says this extract actually targets the fat around your mid section.

Belly Blasting Spices
Omentum or Visceral fat, can be hard to conquer but Oz says we can succeed by eating more spices that help regulate our blood sugar. Oz says to add cinnamon, oregano, turmeric, cloves, and cayenne pepper to every meal. Just one teaspoon of any of these spices will help keep your blood sugar stable and help you on your way to a flatter belly. Regulating blood sugar seems to be a common theme in many of the diets Oz has recommended over the past few seasons.

Green Tea Lemonade
Oz says you can literally melt fat while you sleep if you have the right drink before you nap. He recommends drinking Green Tea Lemonade, hot or cold, and then taking a 20 minute nap to get all the benefits that this elixir has to offer. Just mix the juice of 1/2 lemon to 2 cups of Green Tea and enjoy. Napping after drinking this will allow your body to get all the antioxidants into your blood stream.

Oz says by following all three of these guidelines, your belly will be flatter and trimmer in no time. You can read about other belly blasting supplements from a past season where Oz ranked the best supplements for weight loss and disease prevention.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Vitamin B

Last week I had a very strange dream. The type that feels real but where things are just slightly off.

I ‘woke’ to see my son standing in our bedroom door, which was odd as John still sleeps confined in his crib. The scenario continued and slowly moved to our living room where Pablo Escobar was sitting and casually smoking a cigar. Then I knew for sure I was dreaming!

It got me thinking about the meaning of dreams. This particular one of mine was likely inspired by the recent ‘baby proofing’ of our home, designed to help keep our young son safe. Add in some late-night TV watching, and voila, my dream. As much as closing our eyes each night can be a trip down the wormhole, many specialists believe there is a lot to be learned from our nightly visions.

Dr. Montague Ullman, a well-respected expert in dream studies once said “Dreams are ordinary only in the sense that everyone has them. What makes them extraordinary and qualifies them as exceptional human experience are the gifts they bring to our lives if we learn how to receive them.” Ullman’s research looked at dreams as having potential healing power and powerful social significance.

Many experts recommend dream journaling as a way to tap into the power of our dreams. This could, for example, reveal recurring patterns which would then reveal something that we can then address in our waking hours, such as hidden fears or desires.

To start dream journaling, write in a notebook before bed a brief synopsis of your day, then make the intention to remember a dream before you go to sleep. Keep the journal close so you can record something as soon as you wake up. Take note not only what happened in the dream but how you felt when you woke up, happy, sad sacred, etc., as this adds important context.

Want to know what your dreams mean? A dream dictionary can aid with interpretation, and some people even enlist the help of a qualified dream specialist to discover meaning. While these tools can help, ultimately, only you can interpret what your dreams really mean, adding in the context of your individual past and your present waking life.

Ending up with more bad dreams than good? To reduce nightmares and have a more peaceful sleep, try the following:

1. Avoid the Cayenne: By staying away from hot and spicy foods in the evening, your digestive system won’t be acting up as you’re trying to rest. Dieticians recommend people avoid consuming alcohol and spicy foods at least two hours before going to bed.

2. Supplement with B6: Although all B vitamins are good, B6 is a sleep powerhouse in terms of calming our nervous system and regulating melatonin. Research shows approximately 1/3 of Americans are deficient in the nutrient.

3. Aromatherapy: The smell of essential oils such as lemon, clary sage and lavender can be calming and encourage peace in the body and mind. A study on lavender oil, in particular, has shown the scent to actually calm the nervous system and change brain waves to a more relaxed state.

4. Calm Down: Add some aspect of stress reduction to your waking hours to reduce your levels of stress. This could be yoga, meditation, or good old fashioned resolution.

The only problem is despite these tips, I keep having a recurring dream of consuming wings and beers with my guy friends… I guess I’ll have to keep dreaming.

From Huff Post Ca